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Người gửi: Nguyễn Văn Tấn
Ngày gửi: 00h:35' 02-04-2018
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Full Name: ………………………………….
Class: ………………………………………
Subject: English 7
Time: 45 minutes

Code of paper

I. Mi and Nick visit Ms. Hoa at home. Listen to the conversation and write T or F: (1.0 point)
1. Mi and Nick have been to Ms. Hoa’s house before. __________
2. They saw some pictures in an album. __________
3. Nick has been to the Tulip Festival in Holland. __________
4. Ms. Hoa went to the Tulip Festival last September __________
II. Listen to the passage and complete the sentences with only one word: (1.0 point)
1. Many poor people in ________________ countries do not have modern sources of energy.
2. People in mountainous areas have to gather wood for ________________.
3. Biogas is mainly used for ________________ and ________________.
1. Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined.
A. renewable B. energy C. plentiful D. electric
2. Choose the word which has a different stress pattern from the others.
A. effective B. regular C. different D. serious
3. We should put ________ on our roof for heating and hot water.
A. solar energy B. equipment C. cracks D. solar panels
4. Someone’s carbon ________ is a measure of the amount of carbon dioxide that their activities produce.
A. effect B. amount C. footprint D. energy
5. Wave energy is a source of ________ energy.
A. environmental friendly B. environmentally friendly
C. environment friendly D. environmental friendliness
6. A lot of cultural and ________ activities are held as part of the Flower Festival in Dalat.
A. arts B. artistic C. artist D. art
7. The Academy Awards, commonly ________ as the Oscars, are the most famous film awards in the world.
A. known B. know C. knew D. knowing
8. Several governments try to ________ the use of fossil fuels.
A. reduce B. increase C. waste D. save
1. The festival shows the _____________ richness of this country (CULTURE)
2. In spite of spending millions of dollars on the film, it was _____________ (DISAPPOINT)
3. La Tomatina _____________ (hold) in Spain every year.
4. We _____________ (not go) on holiday last summer.
I. Read the passage and answer the questions (1.5 point)
Almost all our energy comes from oil, coal, and natural gas. We call them fossil fuels. The earth’s fossil fuels are running out. What will happen when there is no oil, coal, and gas on the earth?
Scientists are trying to find and use other alternative source of energy. We can use energy from the sun, the wind, and the water.
Solar energy is limited. The sun supplies all the energy used to grow plants, to evaporate water for rain, and to maintain the temperature of the planet. All are necessary for human life. If we are able to collect solar energy, we will be sure to have this abundant source of power.
1. What are the alternative sources of energy?

2. From what do plants need to grow?

3. What is the sun energy used for?

II. Fill in the blank with one word (1 point):
visits traditional pagodas excited well-dressed decorated pray

Tet is the most important celebration in Vietnam. Two weeks before Tet, a variety of plants and flowers are sold everywhere. People have their houses _____________ for the New Year. The nearer Tet comes, the more people are excited. This is also a special occasion for family members to get together after a hard long year of work and study. During Tet, everybody is _____________ and hangs out to visit _____________, temples or churches. They all want to _____________ for the best in the New Year.

I. Rewrite as directed (1.5 point).
1. For one hour, they will turn the electricity off (PASSIVE)
2. On / cloudy / days / you / use / solar energy /

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