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Ngày gửi: 14h:10' 09-06-2018
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1.The book would have been perfect ........the ending.
A. hadn’t it been for B. had it not been for C. it had not been for D. it hadn’t been for
2.She has just bought..........
A. an interesting old French painting B. a French interesting old painting
C. an interesting French old painting D. an old interesting French painting
3. ................., the results couldn’t be better.
A. No matter what he tried hard B. Despite the hard he tried
C. No matter how hard he tried D. Even though very hard he tried
4.It was found that he lacked persue a difficult task to the very end.
A. obligation B. commitment C. persuasion D. engagement
5.Thank you for your support, which ________ me through the hard time I had last month.
A. jumped B. went C. led D. pulled
6.I don’t suppose there is anyone there,..............?
A. isn’t there B. is there C. don’t I D. do I
7.I requested that he ………….. the work on time.
A. will finish B. finished C. finishes D. finish
8.The room needs...........for the wedding.
A. decorating B. decorate C. to decorate D. be decorated
9.After seeing the film Memoir of a Geisha, ..................
A. the book was read by many people B. many people wanted to read the book
C. the reading of the book interested people D. the book made many people want to read it
10.______ irritating they are, you shouldn’t lose temper with small children.
A. No matter how much B. As much as
C. However D. Although
11.There are ______ that not only governments but also individuals should join hand to tackle.
A. too numerous environmental problems B. such a lot of environmental problems
C. so fewer environmental problems D. such many environmental
12. ____interested in that subject, I would try to learn more about it.
A. Were I B. If I am C. Should I D. I was
13. By the time I recovered from the shock, he ___ round the corner.
A. has disappeared B. disappeared C. had disappeared D. disappears
14. I enjoy ____ busy. I don’t like it when there is nothing ____.
A. being/ to do B. to do/ being C. to be/ to do D. being/doing
15. Nobody was injured in the accident, __?
A. was he B. wasn’t he C. were they D. weren’t they
16. You ___ Tom yesterday. He’s been away on business for a week now.
A. mustn’t have seen B. could not have seen C. may have not seen D. shouldn’t have seen
17. Linda insisted that the newly- born baby __ after her husband’s father.
A. must be named B. could be named C. be named D. ought to be named
18. Some people say that in the future the whole world will experience a period of ___ depression.
A. economics B. economic C. economical D. economy
19. After a short holiday, he___ himself once more to his studies.
A applied B. converted C. engaged D. exerted
20. We are having a ___ party next week. Would you like to join us?
A. house moving B. housewarming C. homecoming D. new housing
21. Mr. Green is on the line, shall I ___ or ask him to ring back?
A. put him off B. put him down C. put him on D. put him through
22: Armed terrorists are reported to have________ the embassy.
A. taken up B. taken to C.taken over D. taken after
23: After reading the letter, ________ it on the table.
A. leaving B. and leaving C.she left D. and she left
24: There is________ in my bed room. old square wooden table B. a square wooden old table
C. a square old wooden table D. an old wooden square table
25: The boy________ went to the hospital to ask for doctor’s help.
A. whose sick sister B. whose sister sicked
C. who his sister is sick D. whose sister was sick
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