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Người gửi: Lê Hoàng Thọ
Ngày gửi: 16h:08' 28-10-2018
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Name and class: ............................TEST
Exercise 1: Circle the best answer.
1. One of ____________ a goldfish bowl on her kitchen table.
a. my friend keep c. my friend keeps
b. my friends keep d. my friends keeps
2. Every ____________ love.
a. man, woman and child needs c. man, woman and child need
b. men, women and children needs d. men, women and children need
3. One of the girls who ____________ in this office ____________ my niece
a. works / is b. works / are c. work / is d. work / are
4. Neither Lan nor her parents ____________ the film.
a. like b. likes c. is like d. are like
5. Each ____________ the same as the day before.
a. days was b. day was c. days were d. day were
6. More men than ____________ left handed.
a. woman are b. woman is c. women are d. women is
7. Every one of the students ____________ on time for class
a. is b. are c. were d. have been
Exercise 2: Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
1. The news about Mr Hogan (be) ___________surprising.
2. Fifty minutes (be)___________the maximum length of the time allowed for the exam.
3. Many people in the world (not have) ___________enough food to eat.
4. The poor (need)___________ help from the community.
5. Listening to loud music at rock concerts (cause)_______ hearing loss in some teenagers these days.
6. There (be) ___________a lot of sheep in the field.
7. Ten miles (be) ___________ too far to walk.
8. Not only John but also his friends (want) ___________ to buy this race horse.
9. A number of students (recently participate) ___________ in intensive language programs abroad.
10. Sarah, along with 20 students, (plan) ___________a party now.
Exercise 3: Find the incorrect part A, B, C and D.
1. Each of the roomshaveits own bathroom.
2. Everybody whohave a fever must go home immediately
3. Twenty five dollarsare all I can affordto pay for this recorder

Name and class: ............................TEST

Exercise 1: Circle the best answer.
1. There ____________ some money on the table.
a. are b. were c. have been d. is
2. This information about taxes ____________ helpful
a. were b. have been c. is d. are
3. The vegetables in the bowl on the table ____________ fresh.
a. looks b. smells c. are d. is
4. Writing ____________ her happy
a. letter makes b. letters makes c. letter make d. letters make
5. None of the money robbed from the banks last year ____________ yet.
a. has been found b. have been found c. has found d. have found
6. My father and mother ____________ for the same company.
a. works b. work c. is working d. has worked
7. The elderly ____________ this kind of music, but the young ____________.
a. don’t like / does b. doesn’t like / does c. don’t like / do d. doesn’t like / do
Exercise 2: Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
1. The number of students (be) ___________from Amercica .
2. There (be) at least one window in every room.
3. A lot of students in my class (speak) ___________ and (undrstand) ___________ Spanish.
4. The trousers Lan’s bought (not, go) ___________ best with her shirt.
5. The information she gave me (be not) ___________valuable.
6. The number of days in a week (be) ___________seven.
7. Either you or he (have) ___________to do the task.
8. Two years without a job (be) ___________too long to be.
9. Every girl and boy (be) ___________required to have certain immunizations before enrolling in public school.
10. Neither of John’s parents (be)___________ English.
Exercise 3: Find the incorrect part A, B, C and D.

1. All of the windows in my house was broken in the earthquake.
1. The actress, along with her manager and some
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