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Ngày gửi: 20h:14' 29-10-2019
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Full name: ………………………. FIFTEEN MINUTE TEST
Class: 10T

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others
1. A. skill B. split C. children D. finance
2. A. among B. belong C. body D. strong

Choose the word whose stress is different from that of the others
3. A. ailment B. disease C. balance D. marriage
4. A. allergy B. digestive C. stimulate D. instestine

Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that best fits the blank space in each sentence
5. It’s not easy to say what the objectives ______ next year.
A. become B. became C. will become D. is going to become
6. Look at the clouds. I think it ______ rain.
A. will B. can C. may D. is going to
7. Drinking apple juice _______ boost your brain’s memory.
A. helps B. help C. is going to help D. helped
8. If people breathe in deeply, their ______ can expand to twice their normal size.
A. hearts B. kidneys C. lungs D. stomachs
9. Yoga increases endurance, ______ and flexibility.
A. powerless B. powerful C. strength D. strong
10. Blood is pumped through the _______ to bring oxygen to all parts of the body.
A. lungs B. heart C. digestive D. skeletal
11. The part that leads the controlling of the body is the _______ .
A. kidneys B. stomatch C. brain D. bones
12. Acupuncture is consideredto be very _______ when enough precautions are taken.
A. safe B. safety C. safely D. safest
13. Think about how you’ll feel when you ______ the habits.
A. get B. take C. make D. kick
14. I ______ Texas State University now.
A. am attending B. attend C. was attending D. attended
15. The acupoints _____________ to enhance the healing capability of the body itself.
A. stimulate B. stimulating C. stimulated D. are stimulated
16. The nerves carry ________ between your brain and the rest of your body.
A. pumps B. organs C. messages D. musles
17. What do you think about getting up late?
A. Oh, yes. She does very often. B. Oh, no. She does very often
C. Well, I think it is not good. D. Don’t worry.

Change these sentences into passive voice
1. They will change the date of the meeting again.
-> the date of the …………………………………………………
2. The bones in the skeletal system support all the body organs.
-> All the body organs

Read the passage and choose the best answer:
It isn`t amazing how much time we spend talking about food? "Have you ever eaten ...?", "What do you have for lunch?" and so on. And yet, when you travel from one county to another, you find that people have quite different feelings about food. People often feel that what they eat is normal, and what other people eat is strange and silly. In most parts of Asia, for example, no meal is complete without rice. In England, people eat potatoes every day. In the Middle East, bread is the main part of every meal. Eating becomes a habit which is difficult to change. Americans like to drink a lot of orange juice and coffee. The English drink tea four or five times a day. Australians drink large amounts of beer and the French drink wine every day.
The sorts of meat people like to eat also differ from one country to another. Horse meat is thought to be delicious in France. In Hong Kong, some people enjoy eating snakes. New Zealanders eat sheep, but never eat goat meat. The Japanese don’t like to eat sheep meat because of its smell, but they enjoy eating raw fish. So it seems that although eating is a topic that we can talk about for hours, there is a little common sense in what we say about it. People everywhere enjoy what they have always eaten, and there is very little we can do
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