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Người gửi: Đỗ Nguyễn Mai Huỳnh
Ngày gửi: 15h:14' 14-09-2019
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Môn: tiếng anh 8 (Thí điểm)

1. Listen to the conversation about living in the countryside in Japan. Circle A, B or C to answer each question. You will listen TWICE.
Where is Sam living now?

A. in England
B. in Japan
C. in Europe

What does he like about the village?

A. the mountains
B. the ocean
C. the pollution

How does he feel about the people in the village?

A. difficult
B. friendly
C. easy

Which among these is true about Sam`s attitude towards the weather in the village?

A. He likes it very much.

B. He thinks it is comfortable.

C. He hates it.

What is the most unusual about the village in Sam`s opinion?

A. There are many snakes.

B. All snakes are green.

C. Snakes like to stay in his office.

2. Listen to a talk about teenagers and technology. Fill each of the gaps with no more than TWO words. You will listen TWICE.
Nowadays teenagers can be called a ____________.

Teenagers like __________ friends on the Internet.

Teenagers can _______ what time to do something.

Playing computer games makes teenagers __________ less on their lessons in class.

The parents of these teenagers are finding ways to ______ their children’s interest in technology.

1. Read the passage and decide whether the sentences are true (T) or false (F). Circle T or F.
      In the past few decades, the countryside has experienced lots of changes. Because of population growth, more products are needed. Therefore, more factories have been constructed, and young people have more choice of jobs apart from becoming farmers. When big cities have become more and more polluted, the fresher atmosphere in the countryside attracts more people. Rich people who live in the city for their work often buy a second home in the countryside to spend their weekend and holiday. As a result, the countryside is no longer a small community of rural people. In fact, in many parts of the countryside, there are urban people from nearby cities. Additionally, the introduction of the internet creates more opportunities for increasing rural people`s knowledge. Many farmers have used machines for tasks that used to be done by hand, which helps them save labour. In the near future, it is expected that the countryside will gradually become more similar to big cities.

The passage is about changes in the countryside.

Young people in the countryside can only become farmers.

Some people working in the city stay in the countryside at the weekend.

People in the countryside don`t use the internet.

In the near future, there will be no difference between country life and city life.

2. Read the following text about leisure activities of Vietnamese teenagers. Match the words in A with their meanings in B.
A recent survey conducted by TIRA, a Vietnamese research company, highlights problems about the lifestyles of Vietnamese teenagers in urban areas. There is an imbalance in their consumption of time for studying and recreational activities. On average, these teenagers spend 9.5 hours a day on studies at school and at home. They only have about four hours for entertainment. Most of this time is spent on watching television and the internet, where they chat through social networks. The teenagers admit that they use computers to play games and to chat with friends much more than using it for studying purposes. The survey also shows that during summer months, despite having much more free time than during school years, these teenagers still fail to manage their time properly. They stay in bed longer, and then get hooked on games and TV. The time for computers and TV increases significantly to about five or six hours a day, while there is almost no time for physical outdoor activities.


1. highlight
A. a lack of proportion or relation between things

2. imbalance
B. agree, often unwillingly, that something is true

3. admit
C. a lot/to a great extent

4. manage
D. draw attention to

5. significant
E. control

1. Write
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