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Ngày gửi: 22h:18' 21-03-2021
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..........................., March......... 2019.
Name:.......................................................... ENGLISH TEST
Class : 6……. Time: 45 minutes.

I. Listen to the passage. Write True (T) or False (F) for each sentence.

Hai often goes cycling with his father at the weekend.

Alice plays chess every Sunday.

Bill often plays game for half an hour before lunch.

4. Trung doesn’t do much sports.

II. Listen to the passage again. Choose the best answer to complete the sentence:
Hai loves sports and plays ________ at school.
A. volleyball B. judo C. sports D. chess
Alice doesn`t like _________ very much
A. doing sports B. playing chess C. watching ice skating D. chess
Angry Birds is ________’s favorite game.
A. Hai B. Alice C. Bill D. Trung
Trung goes__________ on hot days.
A. fishing B. shopping C. swimming D. cycling
I. Odd one out. Which underlined part is pronounced differently in each line.
A. favorite B. slight C. fine D high
A. here B. fear C. there D. idea
A. this B. although C. than D. thank
A. worked B. needed C. wanted D. rented
A. cave B. famous C. late D. channel
II. Choose and circle the best answer A, B, C or D :
_____________ eat too much salt. It’s not good for you.
A. Do B. Don’t C. Please
You should _______aerobic to keep fit.
A. go B. play C. do D. does
Nam likes __________ weather because he can go swimming.
A. hot B. cold C. rainy D. rain
What is your favorite _______? – I like football.
A. sport B. activity C. subject D. game
We _______ to Ho Chi Minh City for our last summer vacation.
A. go B. went C. have gone D. are going
My father _______in Hai Phong for 6 months.
A. lives B. had lived C. have lived D. has lived
Pho is the _______ food I’ve tasted.
A. better delicious B. most delicious C. more delicious D. delicious
My father likes watching TV _________ my mother likes going shopping
A. and B. but C. or D. so
III. Give the correct forms of the verbs:
1. The USA ___________ colour TV in 1953. (have)
2. The World Cup___________ held every four years. (be)
3. _________________ Lan (learn) _________________ English for 2 years?
4. Children sometimes___________ adult sports like golf. (play)
I. Read the passage and choose the best word (A, B or C) to each space.
Most children love (1) ____ activities. They play football, go skateboarding or go (2) ____ . In countries with snow like Sweden, children go to the mountains with their parents to go skiing. They can make a (3) ____ in the playground in front of their houses. When the weather is bad, they can stay at home and watch interesting (4) ____ on TV.
1. A. outdoor B. indoor C. school D. class
2. A. tennis B. karate C. swimming D. football
3. A. postman B. sportsman C. snowman D. newsreader
4. A. channels B. programmes C. viewers D. channel
II. Read the text and answer the questions
Sweden’s capital city is built on 14 islands and has 700 year – old history. The oldest part of Stockholm is the Old Town. Here you can visit the Royal Palace, one of Europe’s largest and most dynamic palaces. There are about 3,000 people living in the Old Town today and it’s place with cafes, restaurants, shops and museums, including the Nobel Museum
1. Is Sweden’s capital city built on 14 islands?
2. What is the oldest part
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