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Người gửi: Dương Thị Hoa Mai
Ngày gửi: 16h:01' 10-10-2008
Dung lượng: 23.0 KB
Số lượt tải: 19
Số lượt thích: 0 người
Anh văn, học kỳ 2 lớp 11 (chuyên Anh), Ams, 2002-2003
I) Read the following text and choose the answer which you think fits best:
Of the six outer planets, Mars, commonly called, is the closest to Earth. Mars, 4200 miles in diameter and 55 percent of the size of Earth, and 141.000.000 miles from the Sun, compared to 365 days for the Earth. For many years, Mars had been thought of as the with the man-made canals supposedly discovered by an Italian astronomer, Schiaparelli, in 1877. With the United States spacecraft Viking I`s landing on Mars in 1976, the man-made canal theory was proven to be only a myth. Viking I, after landing on the soil of Mars, performed many specific experiments and took numerous pictures. The pictures showed that the red color of the planet is due to the reddish, rocky Martian soil. No biological life was found, though it had been speculated by many scientists. The Viking also monitored many weather changes including violent dust storms. Some water vapor, polar ice, and permafrost (frost below the surface) were found, indicating that at one time there were significant quantities of water on this distant planet. Evidence collected by the spacecraft shows some present volcanic action, though the volcanoes are believed to be dormant, if not extinct.
1. All of the following are true EXCEPT A. Mars has two moon B. It takes longer for Mars to circle the Sun than it takes Earth C. Martian soil is rocky D. Mars is lager than Earth
2. The word "supposedly" is closet in meaning to A. actually B. persumably C.formerly D. unquestionably
3. Mars has been nicknamed A. Viking I B. The Red planet C. Deimos D. Martian
4. The word "myth" is closet in meaning to A. fact B. event C. legend D. enigma
5. The Viking I exploration accomplished all of the following EXCEPT A. Performing scientific experience B. collecting information showing volcanic action C. monitoring weather conditions D. discovering large quantities of polar ice and permafrost
6. What is the main idea of this passage? A. Fairly recent studies of this planet reveal data that contradict previously held theories B. Very little of the Martian landscape has changed over the years C. Scientists are only speculating about the Red Planet D. Scientists are no longer interested in the planet because there is no life on it
7. The word "monitored" is nearest in meaning to A. programmed B. televised C. censored D. observed
8. The word "dormant" is closet in meaning to A. dangerous B. inactive C. erupting D. significant
II) Cloze:
If women choose to (1) a career once they have children, they often miss (2) on a close relationship with their children. Helen Jamieson is a mother of three who has (3) up work to look after her children full-time. She strongly belives that women are pessurized to do too much, (4) themselves to the absolute limit. In her own case, after six years of paid employment, Helen finally decided to call it (5) day. She says she initially found (6) hard being at home, (7) she never missed the job itself. She admits that if she had (8) a brilliant career to begin with, she might feel differently now. Fiancially, she is no worse off (9) before, as the cost of childcare and commuting (10) her actual income. (11) the government starts to offer tax incentives to working parents, she says she will not return to the workplace(12) her children are grown up.

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