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Nguồn: Sưu tầm
Người gửi: Vũ Dũng
Ngày gửi: 11h:21' 21-04-2017
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English 12 – SII (5)
I. Which word has the different stress pattern from the rest?
1. A. weapon B. become C. country D. decade
2. A. habitat B. century C. difficult D. prohibit
3. A. ivory B. punishment C. government D. destruction
4. A. famine B. earthquake C. result D. injured
5. A. certificate B. apartment C. individual D. biology
II. Which word has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest?
1. A. hats B. grapes C. chairs D. roofs
2. A. seat B. heat C. meat D. great
3. A. wanted B. liked C. established D. poached
4. A. Christmas B. character C. chemistry D. chocolate
5. A. biology B. shift C. trick D. decision
III. Choose the best answer.
1. Can you tell me some sports which are closely related ________ water?
A. in B. on C. with D. to
2. I don’t want anyone to know. You ________ tell anyone.
A. must B. needn’t C. mustn’t D. don’t have to
3. More and more women have become _______ and do research on many fields as men do.
A. science B. scientific C. scientifically D. scientists
4. Peter _______ for thirty minutes before Mary arrived.
A. would be waiting B. has been waiting C. had been waiting D. was waiting
5. 200,000 spectators ________ to witness the three-hour ceremony.
A. were gathered the park B. have been gathered the park
C. gathered at the park D. gathered the park
6. - Student A: “_________________________” - Student B: “My mother? She’s a loving mother and a faithful wife.”
A. What does your mother feel like doing? B. What’s your mother like?
C. What does your mother look like? D. What does your mother like?
7. Nothing can prevent him ________ the final match.
A. from winning B. to winning C. to win D. win
8. ________ that it frightened everyone in the room .
A. The noise was very loud B. The noise was so loud
C. The noise was very loud D. The noise was loud enough
9. It is very ________ of you not to look in the eyes of the listener while talking.
A. polite B. dishonest C. impolite D. honest
10. David doesn’t work very hard. I work ________.
A. more hard B. more hardly C. hardlier D. harder
11. Do you know a shop ________ I  can buy a computer ?
A. in which B. which C. in where D. whose
12. The bomb _________with a loud bang which could be heard all over the town.
A. went on B. went down C. went over D. went off
13. Lan: “What do you think of Korean films?”  Ha: “_____________.”
A. Yes, I do B. I like them C. No, I don’t D. I think of them very much
14. - “How often do you meet your friends?”   - “ _____________ .”
A. Once a week B. Yesterday C. Yes, I love to D. No, thanks
15. Mary is going to have her car  _____________ .
A. repair B. to repair C. repairing D. repaired
16. Yesterday, they came to the meeting on time  _____________ the heavy traffic.
A. although B. however C. in spite of D. despite of
17. The narrower the road is, _____________
A. the more accidents will take place on it. B. many accidents will happen on it.
C. the narrowest accidents will take place on it. D. the more will accidents happen on it.
18. Choose the phrase that has the same meaning as the underlined word. One of the main goals of WHO
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