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Người gửi: Đỗ Văn Bình (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 23h:28' 23-05-2015
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I. Read the following passage then choose the best answer for each blank.
Coal is black solid fossil fuel. It is usually very (1)_______ . Coal is made of 65% - 95% carbon. It also has hydrocarbons and some other compounds in it. It is (2)_______ from the remain of plants that lived millions of years ago.
Coal can be burned for energy or (3)_______ . About two-third of coalmined today is burned in power station to make (4)_______ . Burning it is not as common as it used to be, (5)_______ it causes much pollution.
Natural gasis a mixture. It (6)_______ mainly of hydrocarbons. The main component is methane. Natural gas is often found in the ground (7)_______ with petroleum.
Most natural gas is burned (8)_______ to produce energy. It burns with a clean flame. It causes (9)_______ pollution.
The main use of natural gasis to produce electricity. It is also used as (10)_______ for cars, cooking gas and to make fertilizers.
1. A. loosse B. difficult C. hard D. soft
2. A. made B. done C. founded D. formed
3. A. hotter B. heat C. hottest D. hot
4. A. electricity B. powder C. product D. mass
5. A. however B. because C. but D. therefore
6. A. mixes B. consists C. depends D. combines
7. A. except B. toghether C. apart D. addition
8. A. actively B. honestly C. directly D. straightly
9. A. many B. little C. a lot D. few
10. A. light B. food C. fire D. fuel

II. Choose one optionthat best completes the suggested sentence.
11. Everyone / feel / hungry / so / sit / down / under / tree / and / have / snack.
A. Everyone felt hungry, so they sat down under a tree and had a snack.
B. Everyone feel hungry, so he sits down under a tree and has snack.
C. Everyone felt hungry, so we sat down under a tree and have the snack.
D. Everyone feels hungry, so you sit down under a tree and have a snack.
12. Neil Armstrong / who / first / walk / moon/ live / USA.
A. Neil Armstrong, who first walked on the moon, lived in the USA.
B. Neil Armstrong who first walked in the moon lived in the USA.
C. Neil Armstrong who first has wlked in the moon, lived in USA.
D. Neil Armstrong, who first walks on the moon lives in the USA.
13. Teacher / ask / me / if / speak / English / fluent.
A. The teacher asks me if I speak an English fluent.
B. The teacher asked me if I spoke English fluently.
C. The teacher asked me if I do speak English fluently.
D. The teacher asks me if I can speak English fluent.
14. Daily / newspaper / publish / Germany / 1650 / not / it/ ?.
A. Daily newspaper will be published in Germany at 1650, won`t it?
B. One daily newspaper is published in Germany on 1650, isn`t it?
C. The daily newspaper published in the Germany in 1650, didn`t it?
D. A daily newspaper was published in Germany in 1650, wasn`t it?
15. We / worried / that / people / not / stop / throw / trash / along / street.
A. We can worried that people aren`t stop throwing trash along the street.
B. We worried that people not stop throw the trash along a street.
C. We are worried that people don`t stop throwing trash along the street.
D. We were worried that people didn`t stop to throw trash along the street.

III. Choose the best answer for each of the following sentences.

16. The man said that he was _______ by alien and taken abroad a spceship.
A. gathered B. argued C. stolen D. captured
17. When a tropical storm reaches 120 kph, it is called a _______ in North and South America.
A. cyclone B. tsunami C. typhoon D. hurricane
18. Passover is _______ in Israel and by all Jewish people.
A. celebrated B. equipped C. constructed D. connected
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