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Người gửi: Ngô Thời Nhiệm
Ngày gửi: 16h:43' 08-06-2018
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A Choose the best answer
1.“What do you think of this shirt?” “___________.”
A. It fits you B. Nonsense C. It’s up to you D. No money
2.As the patient was still too weak , the surgeon postpones the operation.
The word postpone is the nearest meaning with____________.
A. put in B. put on C. put off D. put over
3.__________ furniture needs supplying for the schools in the whole country
will slow down the process of the reform of education.
A. Few B. A few C. Little D. That little
4.It was not ____ Micheal Jackson’s death people around the world
understood his contribution in music.
A. since B. when C. until D. result
5.Although David was ____ after a day’s work in the office, he tried to help his
wife the household chores.
A. exhaustion B. exhausted C. exhausting D. exhaustive
6. If you are a typewriter, you will be accustomed to Microsoft word, this
program allows you to save your __________ with many types.
A. files B. documents
C.documentaries D.documentary files
7.Although they are poor and hard, they are _____ to their children’s success.
A. content B. proud C. satisfied D. boastful
8. In 1879, ____, Alice Freeman Palmer became head of the history
department at Wellesley College.
A. twenty-four years B. at the age of twenty-four
C. age twenty-four D. of twenty-four years
9. The United States consists of fifty states, _______ has its own government.
A.each of them B.each of C.each of which D.they each
10. ‘’ Would you mind turning down your stereo ?’’ - “______”
A. I’m really sorry! I ‘m not paying attention
B. Oh! I’m sorry! I didn’t realize that
C. No. I don’t
D. Yes, I do
11.To solve this problem, it is advisable _______ .
A.a drastic measure to be adopted B.that to adopt a drastic measure
C.that a drastic measure be adopted D.that a drastic measure is adopted
12.When a fire broke out in the Louvre, at least twenty _______ paintings
were destroyed, including two by Picasso.
A. worthless B.priceless C. valueless D. worthy
13.In most_____ developed countries, up to 50% of____ population enters
higher education at some time in their lives.
A. the/ ( B. (/ ( C. the/ a D. ( /the
14.One`s fingerprints are _______ other person.
A. different from B. different from any
C. differ from any D. different from those of any
15.I should very much like to have gone to that party of theirs, but _______.
A. I`m not invited B. I will not be invited
C. I have not been invited D. I was not invited
16._______, we tried our best to complete it.
A.Difficult as the homework was
B.Thanks to the difficult homework
C.As though the homework was difficult
D.Despite the homework was difficult
17.She listened so attentively that not a word_______.
A.she had missed B. she missed C. she didn`t miss D. did she miss
18.Many political radicals advocated that women should not be discriminated
on the basic of their sex.
A.publicly supported B.rightly claimed
C.publicly said D.openly criticized
19.Staying in a hotel costs _______ renting a room in a dormitory for a week.
A. as much as twice B. twice as much as
C. twice more than D. twice as
20.Friendly though he may seem, he`s not to be trusted.
A. He`s too friendly to be trusted.
B. However he seems friendly
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