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(Thờigian 90 phút)

I. Choose the word in each group that has pronounced differently from the rest.(5 points)
1. A. claimed B. warned C. occurred D. existed
2. A. grade B. replace C. wander D. parade
3. A. health B. ready C. heavy D. appear
4. A. throw B. thought C. through D. though
5. A. sugar B. sight C. source D. sale

II. Choose the best answer to complete these sentences.(10 points)
6. We haven’t seen Bich_______ two months.
A. since B. for C. until D. before
7. The book_______ is on the table belongs to my brother.
A. who B. where C. whose D. which
8. They reached the village before sunset_______ the road was flooded.
A. although B. whether C. as if D. even
9. After arriving home, they usually_______ their uniforms.
A. take out B. put out C. take off D. put off
10. He worked_______ than his workmates.
A. more careful B. as carefully C. carefullier D more carefully
11. You really saw a UFO, Mr. John, _______ you?
A. weren’t B. didn’t C. don’t D. aren’t
12. I wish this exam_______ easier.
A. is B. will be C. would D. were
13. If anybody_______ a question, please ask me after class.
A. has B. have C. had D. will have
14. Viet_______ go fishing with his uncle when he lived in the countryside.
A. used to B. is used to C. has used to D. was used to
15. If I_______ Nam’s address, I_______ him a letter.
A. have – write B. had – will write C. had – would write D. had wrote

III. Find and correct mistakes in each sentence.(10 points)
16. Mary asked me how did I go to school every day. …………… ……………
17. The English course will start in May 29th and finished in August. …………… ……………
18. Last summer my family went to Vung Tau, where my aunt is living there. …………… ……………
19. If you won’t study hard, you’ll fail the exam. …………… ……………
20. I haven’t visited Mr Ba when he moved to his new house. …………… ……………

IV. Read the passage below and choose the correct answers to complete it.(10 points)
The Rockies Mountains run almost the length of North America. They start in the North-West, but lie only a (21. many/ lot/ few/ couple) hundred miles from the centre in more southern areas. Although the Rockies are smaller (22. to/ as/ than/ from) the Alps, they are no less wonderful. There are many roads across the Rockies, (23. but/ because/ since/ unless) the best way to see them is to (24. drive/ travel/ ride/ pass) by train. You start from Vancouver, (25. a/ the/ one/ its) most attractive of Canada’s big cities. Standing with its feet in the water and its head in the mountains, this city (26. allows/ offers/ gives/ lets) its residents to ski on slopes just 15 minutes by car from the city (27. centre/ middle/ heart/ circle). Thirty passenger trains a day used to (28. get/ take/ set/ leave) off from Vancouver on the cross-continent railway. Now there are just three a week, but the ride is still a great adventure. You sleep on board, (29. which/ who/ where/ when) is fun, but travel through some of the best (30. scenery/ view/ site/ beauty) at night.

V.Rewrite these sentences. (10 points)
31. This shirt is too dirty for me to wear. –This shirt isn’t…………………………………….
32. The ancient Egyptians
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