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Practice test 2

Choose the word whose underlined part differs from the other three in pronunciation.
1. A. naked B. looked C. booked D. hooked
2. A. cooks B. loves C. joins D. spends
3. A. teacher B. children C. chore D. school
4. A. hurry B. under C. pressure D. rush
5. A. social B. educate C. country D. electronic
Choose the word that differs from the other three in the position of primary stress.
6. A. recently B. facial C. tomorrow D. confidence
7. A. communicate B. impatient C. interesting D. apologize
8. A. carpet B. visit C. summer D. include
9. A. expression B. example C. friendliness D. superior
10. A. nervous B. body C. verbal D. polite
Choose the underlined part that needs correction in each of the following sentences.
11. The duties of the secretary are (A) to take (B) the minutes, mailing (C) the correspondence and calling the members before meetings (D).
12. If he took (A) my advice in the first place (B), he wouldn’t (C) get into (D) trouble now.
13. The value of the dollar (A) declines (B) as (C) the rate of inflation raises (D).
14. If (A) it receives enough rain (B) at the proper time, hay will grow quickly (C) as (D) grass.
15. Psychology today is (A) interesting, informative (B) and it is (C) easy to read (D).
Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences. 16. ______ ideas are different from ______, but I am sure ______ are still good friends.
A. You/my/your B. Yours/I/us C. Your/mine/we D. Yourself/my/we 17. Angelina Jolie is a famous actress. She_____in many films.
A. appears B. is appearing C. appeared D. has appeared
18. He never feels lonely because he has got______friends.
A. much B. a large amount of C. many D. a great deal of
19. Last Monday ______ a holiday, so my brother ______have to go to work.
A. was/hadn’t B. was/didn’t C. had been/didn’t D. was being/didn’t
20. She______good at languages. She ______ two languages very well.
A. is/is speaking B. is/speaks C. has been/speaks D. is being/speaks
21. Many a candidate______unsuccessful in the oral test.
A. was B. aren’t C. weren’t D. were
22. His choice of words______very good.
A. is B. have been C. were D. are
23. I am considering______my job. Can you recommend a good company?
A. to change B. changing C. to be changed D. being changed
24. “I thought John wasn’t going.” – “I______go”
A. made him to B. made him C. make him D. make him to
25. When she was young, she______swim across the river.
A. was able to B. can C. would D. should
26. He______stop making personal calls at work, or he will be fired.
A. would rather B. had better C. could D. will
27. When my father was young, he______up early to do the gardening.
A. used to get B. was used to get C. got used to get D. used to getting
28. “You look really tired.” – “I’m not used to ______up so early in the morning.”
A. awaken B. wake C. waking D. awaking
29. I wondered______the right thing.
A. whether I was doing B. if I had been done C
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