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Người gửi: Lô Xuân Thống (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 16h:57' 14-10-2008
Dung lượng: 41.5 KB
Số lượt tải: 135
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Gạch chân đáp án đúng
1) Your father is very kind (with/for/to/in) David.
2) Hurry or you will be late (for/at/on/from) school.
3) Were they present (in/at/on/about) the meeting?
4) She was confused (with/on/about/in) the dates.
5) His book is different (about/from/for/between) mine.
6) Your plan is similar (with/to/of/for) his.
7) The boy is afraid (of/on/in/about) snakes.
8) She is accustomed (with/to/on/of) getting up early.
9) He was successful (in/with/of/to) his job.
10) That student is very quick (with/at/for/about) mathematics.
11) Iraq is rich (on/for/to/in) oil.
12) Are you aware (with/to/of/for) the time?
13) Are you acquainted (to/with/in/of) this man?
14) He has been absent (from/of/to/with) school lately.
15) They are interested (in/on/about/with) buying a new house.
16) Smoking is harmful (for/with/to/about) our health.
17) She is serious (with/about/of/for) learning to be a doctor.
18) I couldn’t believe what he said. It was contrary (to/with/for/in) his thought.
19) Our study is very important (for/with/to/about) our future and useful (for/to/with/in) our country.
20) Don’t give up your hope. Be confident (of/about/in/with) yourself.
21) I have some tickets available (for/to/of/with) you.
22) Are you capable (with/of/for/to) that job?
23) He is accustomed (to/with/for/in) driving fast like this.
24) Are you confident (with/of/about/in) what she has said?
25) The room was available (with/for/to/on) 2 people.
26) Finally, Jack is successful (on/in/at/to) his trade.
27) This theatre is often crowded (with/to/on/about) viewers.
28) Your bag is similar (with/to/about/for) mine.
29) The bottle is full (with/of/in/at) water.
30) Poison is harmful (to/with/for/about) humans.
31) Cheques are useful (with/to/for/on) travellers.
32) Are you successful (on/in/at/to) your experiment?
33) She got back safe (for/from/with/to) her adventure.
34) It was very lucky (to/for/of/with) me that my bag was found.
35) He seems friendly (on/to/for/about) everyone in the village.
36) She was sad (about/for/with/to) my refusal.
37) Quang Linh is popular (with/for/to/in) folk songs.
38) The student is quick (with/at/on/to) understanding what the teacher explains.
39) The story is very pleasant (to/with/for/in) us.
40) He is very kind (to/of/with/for) me.
41) I’m capable (of/with/for/to) speaking two languages.
42) She is never late (to/for/with/from) work.
43) It was very nice (to/of/in/for) him to give me a lift.
44) Yesterday Nga was absent (with/from/to/for) class because she was ill.
45) Contrary (to/with/for/about) his doctor’s orders, he has gone back to work.
46) Don’t worry (about/with/to/for) the money! I’ll lend you.
47) They have been waiting (for/with/to/at) the bus for half an hour.
48) Why don’t you ask (with/to/for/on) a pay increase?
49) He took advantage (of/in/about/for) this opportunity to explain why he had done that.
50) The weeks went slowly (by/with/of/for).
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