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Người gửi: Huỳnh Anh Vũ
Ngày gửi: 07h:36' 30-11-2017
Dung lượng: 17.5 KB
Số lượt tải: 1303
Số lượt thích: 1 người (Nguyễn Bắc Lũng)
Topic 1: The means of transport you like most
If I have to decide which mean of transport I like most, it’ll be a car. Nowadays it is really necessary forme and my family. - Firstly, it is safer to drive a car than to ride a motorbike because in a car there are air bags, seatbelts, caralarm… that prevent us from being injured if you have an accident. Driving a car at night on a lonely roadwill safer than riding a motorbike.- Secondly, you never have to think about the weather (such a rain, sun, storm, and dark at night) whenyou drive. A car has air-conditioner which helps you to avoid getting wet, dust… so it help to keep youhealthy.In the third place, a car is comfortable and fast. You can pretty much travel wherever you want wheneveryou want within your local area, without having to worry about the departure times and delays of thepublic transport system.- Furthermore, you will feel comfortable and relaxed with the CD and DVD machines on the car. You canlisten music and you have pleasure of driving. When you are tired, you can stop the journey and rest. - Finally, if you have just the one car between you and your family, it can be possible to share the vehiclebetween all of the family members thus providing everyone with a mode of transport at all times.
Topic 2: The most useful machine in the twentieth century
Among the most useful inventins in the last century; I find the computer the most important because ofthese reasons:- First, when the computer is connected to the Internet, it is a good way of learning anh gettinginformation. You can read newspapers on line and download lots of information from the web pages.Besides, you can learn online as well.- Second, computers is convenient because it helps you work faster by typing, printing document andstoring data if you want.- Finally, computer is a good way to entertain with many kinds of games and entertainments. There are alot of games and on line activities like forum or facebook for you to share ideas and information withyour friends. You can also listen to music or watch movies if you like.In short, computers are really useful and important to my life and my work.
Topic 3: Your favorite leisure activity (for women)
I often cook when I have free time because cooking is a joyful and relaxing activity for me.- First, cooking a good meal brings happiness to my family. All the members in my family can gatheraround the table and enjoy the food I cook and talk and share the joy with each others.- Second, cooking is my favorite hobby because I’m a woman. Cooking is one way to show my femininecharacter and to show my responsibility in the family.- finally, cooking helps me reduce stress of everyday hard work and makes me relaxed. When I cook, Ican forget the problems that I have and just pay attention to the cooking.Maybe, after relaxing, I feel much happier and I can solve my problem.In conclusion, cooking is my favourite activity when I have free time.
Topic 4: The advantages of living in the countryside
Living in the countryside is really good for your life because of these reasons:- First, living in the country can bring you a clean evironment. The air is fresher and there are lots oftrees, rice fields and rivers, you can walk on the fields or along the rivers to enjoy the clean and fresh airthere in the early morning.- Second, living in the countryside is cheaper than in the city because people there have lower income anddon’t have the habit of spending a lot of money. If you live in the country, you can save a lot of money.- Finally, people in the country are more friendly and opener than people in the city because they live neareach other. People live together in a small village so they can talk countryside can have festivals and youcan join and fell very happy.In conclusin, there are many benefits of living in the country. Topic 5: The disadvantages of living in the city
Many people find it difficult and unpleassant to live in the city because of these reasons. - First, the air in the city is getting more and polluted because the traffic is so heavy, the city roads are inbad conditions and the population is really big. There are fewer and fewer trees, lakes and rivers.- Second, the cost of living is much higher than in the rural areas. People have to spend more money onfood, drink, clothes and other activities like traveling and entertainment, while the salary has not beenmuch improved.- Finally, life in the city is more dangerous than in the countryside because of night clubs, discotheques,casinos… City people are easily attracted by social evils such as drinking, drug – talking or gambling…So, there are more crimes because some people don’t want to work but only want money to play.- In short, living in the city has many disadvantages so people have to struggle a lot to survive.
Topic 6: Talk about your weekend activities
Weekend time is my favorite time in the week because I can
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