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Người gửi: Vũ huynh
Ngày gửi: 09h:04' 09-10-2016
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Số lượt thích: 1 người (Vũ huynh)


Put the verbs in brackets into the present continuous or will/shall future:

1. I am sure that I’ll him.
2. I’m seeing her tomorrow.
3. He’s playing in a tennis match on Friday.
4. She’s coming back on Monday.
5. I’m going again next year.
6 We’ll know tonight.
7. You pay and I’ll owe you the money.
8. I’ll believe it when 1 see it.
9. I’m having my car repainted next week.
10. I hope that you’ll have a good time tomorrow.
11. His speech is being broadcast tonight.
12. The sweep is coming at eight tomorrow.
13. Tom is catching the 7.40 train.
14. Where are you meeting them? I’m meeting them at midnight in the middle of the wood.
15. What horse are you riding (will you ride) tomorrow?
16. Look! I`ve broken the teapot. What will Mrs Day say? She won’t mind; she never liked that one.
17. I`ve left the light on. Will it matter?
18. He won’t forget to come.
19. He’s leaving in a few days..
20. I’ll remember it.
21. If you drop that bottle it will break.
22. I’ll never forgive him.
23. I`m sure that you’ll like him.
24. They are laying the foundations next week.
25. You’ll see a signpost at the end of the road.
26. He has cut my hair too short. Don`t worry; it’ll grow again very quickly.
27. You’ll understand when you are older.
28. The cat will scratch you if you pull its tail.
29. I’ll be back at 8.30.
30. If he doesn`t work hard he won’t pass his exam.
31 .She’s going on a cruise next summer.
32. I’m moving to a new flat next week.
33. I am sorry that the child saw the accident. 1 don`t think it matters. He’ll soon forget all about it. 34. I’ll wait here till he comes back.
35. He won’t write to you unless you write to him.
36. There’ll be a big meeting here tomorrow.


Put the verbs in brackets into the going to or will future

1. The fire has gone out! So it has. I’ll go and get some sticks.
2. Did you remember to book seats? Oh no, I forgot. I’ll telephone for them now.
3. He has just been taken to hospital with a broken leg. I`m sorry to hear that. I’ll send him some grapes.
4. I`ve hired a typewriter and I ‘m going to learn to type I’ll say it to her in Finnish: perhaps she`ll understand that.
5. I see that you are wearing your gardening gloves. Are you going to do some weeding?
6. I can`t understand this letter.I’ll call my son. He’ll translate it for you
7. Are you going to buy bread? No, because I’m not going to eat it any more. I’ll eat biscuits instead
8. A lot of paint was delivered here today. Are You going to redecorate your kitchen?
9. Why are you getting out the jack? We have a puncture and I’m going to change the wheel. I’ll help you
10. Look what I’ve just bought at an auction! What an extraordinary thing! Where will you put it?
11. Why are you peeling that bit if garlic? I’m going to put it in the stew.
12. What you are you going to /will you do when you grow up? I’m going to be /’ll be an acrobat in a circus.
13. Why are you taking out all your dresses? I’m going to shorten the skirt.
14. Will you lend me your season ticket? No, I won’t lend it to you. It is against the law.
15. That tree makes the house very dark. Very well, I’ll cut it down.
16. I`ve just enrolled at the local technical college. I’m going to attend pottery classes next winter.
17. How do I get from here to London Bridge? I don`t know, but I’ll ask
that policeman.
18. Why are you carrying a corkscrew? I’m going to open a bottle of wine.
19. I see that you`ve got a letter from Charles. What does he say? I don`t know. I’m not going to read(I’m not reading) the letter now as I haven`t time.
20. My brother has just returned from America. Oh good, we’ll ask him to our next party.
21. Why have you set your alarm to go off at five-thirty? Because I’m going to get up
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