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Người gửi: Đỗ Văn Bình (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 12h:50' 06-10-2008
Dung lượng: 172.0 KB
Số lượt tải: 99
Số lượt thích: 0 người
Lien son high school
Full name:………………………
Class: 12A
written test 5
(Time allowance:45 minutes)

Nội dung đề số 621
I. Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.
01. A. expect B. visit C. because D. enjoy
02. A. difficult B. following C. suitable D. rearrange
03. A. interesting B. capital C. Vietnamese D. attitude
04. A. conversation B. entertainment C. information D. applicable
05. A. consider B. memory C. appearance D. behaviour
II. Choose from the alternatives given (marked A, B, C, and D) one best to complete each sentence.
06. The politician tried to arouse the crowd, but most of them were ______ to his arguments.
A. indifferent B. dead C. closed D. careless
07. My brother lives on the 15th floor of that ______ of flats.
A. block B. building C. house D. tower
08. Your argument _____ that Britain is still a great power, but this is no longer the case.
A. outlines B. presupposes C. concerns D. presents
09. I don’t know the ______ price, but it costs about $50.
A. true B. accurate C. exact D. proper
10. Could you possibly _____me at the next committee meeting?
A. fall back on B. keep in with C. stand in for D. make up for
11. In a dream he had a ____ of the future.
A. reflection B. view C. image D. vision
12. She should have been here, but she’s gone _____ flu.
A. through with B. down by C. back on D. down with
13. He became a millionaire by ____ of hard work and a considerable amount of luck.
A. effect B. process C. dint D. cause
14. She expressed her ____ for certain kinds of cheaply produced movies.
A. distaste B. disloyalty C. dissatisfaction D. disapproval
15. You are under no obligation _____ to accept this offer.
A. eventually B. whatsoever C. indeed D. apart
16. I must remember to put that dinner invitation in my ____ .
A. agenda B. record C. diary D. journal
17. The crime ____ seemed to be going up and up.
A. wave B. percentage C. rate D. figures
18. Don’t worry, it’s just a difficult stage. She’ll ____ it.
A. grow out of B. get through to C. get on with it D. get up to
19. If I _____ the chance, I would have trained to be a doctor.
A. would have B. have had C. would had D. had had
20. You can look up the number in the phone _____ .
A. dictionary B. directory C. index D. register
21. He’s been teaching music for years, but he hasn’t any _____ .
A. experience B. examinations C. qualifications D. experiences
22. He’s a very difficult person to ____ with.
A. get B. deal C. do D. treat
23. She’s _____ a kind person that she can never say no to anyone.
A. much B. quite C. very D. so
24. I am ____ the habit of reading in bed.
A. on B. of C. in D. from
25. In order not to jerk the vehicle you must release the _____ frequently.
A. dashboard B. windscreen C. clutch D. indicator
III. Read the following passage then answer questions by circling its corresponding letter A, B, C, or D.
Thanks to the development of modern technology, the idea of an electronic house is no longer ridiculous. It will be possible to have a house run electronically by computer technology I the near future. Lights can be turned on and off on a regular schedule. Old and sick people can be taken care of at home by computers. Many modern machines contain computer chips, allowing their users to program them. For example, a microwave oven can be instructed to cook a certain dish. The housework will be done by a dishwasher, the washing machine and dryer, and so on. Most entertainment equipment will operate with computer technology, too. Some examples are radios, television sets, CD players, etc. these equipments can be set up to electronically go to certain channels or stations
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