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New Connection 4 tapscript

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Người gửi: Nguyễn Văn Hiền
Ngày gửi: 20h:27' 24-05-2019
Dung lượng: 464.0 KB
Số lượt tải: 4
Số lượt thích: 0 người
U1 :

 Thank you for tuning in. I’m Dan Williams, and I’m here with a special report on an online craze1 that’s sure to make you smile. Have you ever imagined what your pet might say if it started speaking? Well, Andrew Grantham probably doesn’t know exactly what his dog, Clark, wants to talk about, but you would never guess that by his video on YouTube. After taking a video recording of his dog opening and closing its mouth, Andrew added a dialogue in which Clark speaks to him about his displeasure over not being given any bacon. The video has received over 125 million hits, which shows just how many people have deemed2 it hilarious3! And that’s not the only video putting words into others’ mouths. One called “Talking Twin Babies” featured two small children making noises at each other in a way that seemed as if they were really having a conversation. This led to other users of the site adapting the well-known video by adding subtitles4 that explained what the boys could be talking about. In one, the boys discuss playing a trick on their parents, and in another they gossip5 about politics. Do you have anything to say about this trend of giving words to those usually speechless6? Or do you want to recommend another video worth watching? Then, head over7 to my blog8 and leave a comment on the entry that corresponds9 to this broadcast10.

Audio Transcripts:
Wendy: Ron, can you help me? I’m trying to add a hyperlink1 to my homepage2, but I keep getting an error message. I’ve edited these HTML3 documents before, but I’m doing something wrong this time.
Ron: I didn’t know you had your own Web site, Wendy!
Wendy: I use it to promote my acting. I announce what I’m doing in the hopes of gaining fans and, someday, a big movie role.
Ron: Let me see if I can help. Hmm . . . I think your problem might be the GIF4 you are also trying to add. I’ll try to fix the file later; in the meantime, your site is now up and running.
Wendy: Great! Let me try searching for it in my browser5 to make sure. That’s funny. It’s working in the other window6 I have open, but it isn’t listed in these search results.
Ron: Maybe it’s the search engine7 you’re using. Try it again in Google.
Wendy: There it is! And it’s working perfectly now.
Ron: Could you give me the URL8? I’d love to look at it when I have free time.
Wendy: Sure. It’s www.wendycanact.net9. And let me know of any criticisms you have of it.

* Alice: Hey, Jim. I have an extra ticket for the ballet tonight. Do you want to join me?
Jim: Sorry, Alice, but I avoid anything related to dancing like the plague.
Alice: Are you serious? Dance performances are so graceful! How could you not go to great lengths to see them?
Jim: That’s how I feel about hockey games.
Alice: Now that’s something I steer clear of. It’s such a violent sport. I live for good basketball games though. With the right players, those games are amazing to watch.
Jim: You’re right. I always have a blast watching those, especially live.
Alice: I actually shy away from going to games. I prefer watching them on TV.
Jim: How about baseball? There’s a game coming up this week that I want to go to. Would you be interested in going?
Alice: I certainly get a kick out of baseball. Let’s do it!

* Thanks for tuning in, listeners! In today’s podcast, we’re going to talk about musicians from the 80s. One of my favorite singers was Brittany Gibson. She rose to fame after releasing her first single, but despite her sparkling personality and gorgeous looks, she only had a moment in the sun. Her second song failed to gain her any fans, and she ended up a one-hit wonder. The R&B group Boys in the Neighborhood did slightly better. Their beautiful harmonies amazed audiences around the world. They too, however, proved to be just a flavor of the month. After selling out stadiums in their first world tour, they could barely fill a cafeteria in their second. Another group that was very popular during that decade was Banana Mama. Despite the comical name, fans swore they wouldn’t be a flash in the pan. But they were wrong. As the 80s ended, so did their fifteen minutes of fame. I wonder what they’re doing now. Well, that’s it for today. Visit my Web site and vote for your favorite 80s artist or group, and I’ll announce the winner next week!

* Ben: So, who do you guys think will win the sales competition this year?
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