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Nguồn: Sưu tầm
Người gửi: Nữ hoàng
Ngày gửi: 16h:22' 13-01-2013
Dung lượng: 14.9 KB
Số lượt tải: 453
Số lượt thích: 0 người
GIÁO & ĐÀO TP. CHÍ MINH KỲ THI OLYMPIC 30/4 XVI- NĂM 2010 THPT Chuyên Lê Phong Môn thi: ANH – : 10 Ngày thi: 03/04/2010 gian làm bài: 180 phút Ghi chú: này có ... 7.... Trang. Thí sinh làm bài trên riêng A. MULTIPLE CHOICE I. PHONOLOGY Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the other three. 1. a. rhinoceros b. vehicle c. whale d. uninhabitable 2. a. unconcernedly b. ragged c. sacred d. hiccuped 3. a. archaic b. archive c. choir d. archery 4. a. suggestion b. congestion c. digestion d. devotion 5. a. dairy b. lair c. fair d. gait Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from that of the other three. 6. a. credulous b. acropolis c. dialect d. obsolete 7. a. ecotourism b. compromise c. disposal d. neighborhood 8. a. beneficial b. detrimental c. understanding d. magnificent, 9. a. zoology b. cement c. conquest d. duet 10. a. argumentative b. psychological c. contributory d. hypersensitive II. READING COMPREHENSION Read the following passage and choose the best option to complete the blank or answer the question. Since water is the basis of life, composing the greatest part of the tissues of all living things, the crucial problem of desert animals is to survive in a world where sources of flowing water is rare. And since man`s inexorable necessity is to absorb large quantities of water at frequent intervals, he can scarcely comprehend that many creatures of the desert pass their entire lives without a single drop. Uncompromising as it is, the desert has not eliminated life but only those forms unable to withstand its desiccating effects. Nomoist-skinned, water-loving animals can exist there. Few large animals are found: the giants of the North American desert are deer, the coyote, and the bobcat. Since desert country is open, it holds more swift-footed, running, and leaping creatures than the tangled forest. Its population is largely nocturnal, silent, filled with reticence, and ruled by stealth. Yet they are not emaciated. Having adapted to their austere environment, they are as healthy as animals anywhere in the world. The secret of their adjustment lies in a combination of behavior and physiology. None could survive, if, like mad dogs and Englishmen, they went out in the midday sun, many would die in a matter of minutes. So most of them pass the burning hours asleep in cool, humid burrows underneath the ground, emerging to hunt only by night. The surface of the sun-baked desert averages around 150 degrees, but 18 inches down the temperature is only 60 degrees. 11. What is the topic of the passage? a Desert plants b. Desert life c. Animal life d. Forest life 12. The phrase `those forms` refers to all the following except ... a. water-loving animals b. the bobcat c. moist-skinned animals d. many large animals 13. The word `inexorable` is closest in meaning to ... a. relentless b. indispensable c. full d. demanding 14. The author mentions all of the following as examples of the behavior of desert animals except ... a. animals sleep during the day b. animals dig homes underground c. animals are noisy and aggressive d. animals are watchful and quiet 15. The word `them` refers to... a. mad dogs and Englishmen b. desert animals c. behavior and physiology d. minutes 16. The word `emaciated` is closest in meaning to ... a. wild b. cunning c. unmanageable d. unhealthy 17. The author states that one characteristic of animals living in the desert is that they ... a. are smaller and fleeter than forest animals b. are less healthy than animals living in different places c. can hunt in temperature of 150 degrees d. live in an accommodating environment 18. Which of the following generalizations is supported by the passage? a. Water is the basis of life. b. All living things adjust to their environments. c. Desert life is colorful. d. Healthy animals live longer lives. 19. The word `burrows` is closest in meaning to ... a. underground nests b. underground houses c. underground caves d. underground holes 20. How is the temperature 18 inches underground compared to that on the surface in the desert? a. the same b. much higher c. less than half d. half Read the following passage and choose
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