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ÔN LUYỆN TUYỂN SINH 10 - NĂM 2017 (TEST 9 & 10)

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Người gửi: Thẩm Tâm Vy
Ngày gửi: 13h:00' 25-05-2017
Dung lượng: 88.0 KB
Số lượt tải: 369
Số lượt thích: 1 người (Nguyễn Thị Kiều Diễm)
Pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words.
1. A. bulb B. trust C. dump D. pull
2. A. typhoon B. roof C. flood D. moon
3. Λ. collapsed B. hiked C. striped D. claimed
Choose the best answer among A, B, C, or D that best completes each sentence.
4 . was so cold, he went out without a coat.
A. If B. Although C. Since D. However
5. Ann home at Christmas for a change.
A, stay B. to stay C. staying D. stayed
6. Mrs. Brown forgot her raincoat......she got wet.
A. so B. however C. because D. if
7. Peter is short. He`s not to be a policeman.
A. so tall B. tall enough C. quite tall D. enough tall
8. Jupiter spins faster than......planet.
A. any B. any another C. any others D. any other
9. The core of the moon is much smaller, in relation to its size of the planets.
A. those B. than those C. ones D. than are those
10. .......the stove when you have finished cooking.
A. Put off B. Put out C. Put D. Put up with
11. Coal......very widely as a source of energy until the 19th century.
A. not used B. did not use C. not using D. was not used
12. She arranged.......her friends in the afternoon as the weather was fne.
A. meeting B. to be meeting C. to have met D, to meet
13. 1 object.......the proposal to restrict the use of cars in the city.
A. at B. with C. for D. to
Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C, or D that best fìts each blank space in the following passage.
People who (14) the industrially advanced and affluent countries of the world take telecommunication for granted. Computer data with text, graphics and even video clips (15)......been added (16)......the telephone. Fax, e-mail and modems have become integral parts of office equipment for most businesses in the developed world. It is important to remember, however, that although North America, Europe and Japan own about 85 percent of the world`s telephones, they have under a quarter of the world’s population.
Today, telecomnumications are at the centre οf (17) economy. To participate in this econony, countries need telecommunications (18).....enable them to obtain information and knowledge which they can use to attract industrial (19).....and find new markets. Businesses and factories need the telephone and computer because producers and customers may be thousands of kilometres apart. Regional and national borders are no (20).....barriers to trade. With the trend towards a more cooperation between countries, (21).....telecommunications increase in importance. They are the key to development and progress.
14. A. live B. sustain C. exist D. inhabit
15. A. have B. are C. is D. are
16. A. on B. for C. in D. to
17. A. an B. the C. some D. a
18. A. so B. thus C. to D. for
19. A. investor B. investment C. association D. investigation
20. A. further B. final C. more D. longer
21. A. local B. worldly C. national D. global
Choose the underlined part among A, B, C, or D that needs correcting.
22. Energy-saving bulbs should use to save electricity.
A. Energy-saving B. use C. to save D. electricity
23. He tried to go to work in spite of he was ill.
A. tried B. to work C. in spite of D. was
24. There were so much beautiful flowers that I couldn’t decide what to buy.
A. were B. so much
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