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Người gửi: Phạm Thị Thu Hiền
Ngày gửi: 15h:39' 19-08-2016
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De 1
I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from others.(0.8pt)
 A. university
B. pollute
C. popular
 D. reuse

B. have
C. match
 D. had

 A. hi-tech
B. wireless
C. fridge
 D. environment

 A. charity
B. skyscraper
C. fly
 D. recycle

II. Pick out the word that has main stress on a different syllable from the rest.(0,4pt)
A. pollute
B. energy
C. pollution
D. recycling

A. entertain
B. competition
C. environment
 D. automatic

I. Choose the word or phrase that best fits the blank space in each sentence (2 pts)
7. ________they live in Paris ten years ago?
A. Was B. Has C. Did D. Were
8. ______you ever been to England? – No, I haven’t.
A. Has B. Have C. Did D. Do
9. “________ will Hue be on her next birthday?
A. How old B. How many C. How much D. How often
10. What TV programme ________your parents often watch ?
A. is B. does C. are D. do
11. She always looks ______________her children carefully .
A. for B. at C. after D. into
12. We won’t go camping ____________we don’t have a tent.
A. but B. so C. because D. although
13. There will be less pollution _______people cycle to work .
A. so B. Unless C. and D. If
14. What will you do if the environment _________________?
A. is pollution B. is polluted C. pollution D. polluted
15. In the future, we will have robots that will help us___________care of our children.
A. take B. taking C. takes D. to take
16. I am not sure. They _____________buy a smart TV next week.
A. will B. must C. are D. might
II. Supply the correct verb form to complete the following sentences.(0,4pt)
17. If he (reuse)___________reusable bottles, he (save)_______________natural materials.
18. Thuy ( be)______________ “green” If she (ride)_______________her bike to school.
III. Supply the correct word form to complete the following sentences.(0,4pt)
19. Soil ______________ make plants die. (pollute)
20.____________________________causes many floods. (forest)
I. Fill in each numbered gap with one suitable word to complete the following passage. (1pt)
A long time ago, robots belonged to science fiction. But today, robots (21)______ real, and they are helping us. In the future, we will all have robots. They (22)_____ clean the floor, wash the dishes, cook meals, take care (23)______ children, make drinks and do many other housework. I even think one day we’ll have robots friends. In Japan today, robot engineers are making robots to (24)______ old people. It’s still early days. I’d say we are another 20 to 30 years away from robots being everywhere in our lives. What will happen to us (25)______ the world is full of robots? Maybe one day we won’t be able to tell robots and humans apart.

II. Read the passage and answer the questions (1pt)
Last summer Phong spent his holiday in Singapore with his family. They went there by plane and stayed in a hotel. First, they visited Sentosa, this is a beautiful island resort. Then they went to see Marina Bay. Many visitors love the bay because it has the famous Common Services Tunnel. On the next day, they visited the Merlion. Then they took a boat cruise along the river. Finally, they visited Jurong Bird Park. It is a very large area with many colourful birds. The family took a lot of photos in the park. They had a great time there.
26.How did Phong’s family go to Singapore? _________________________________________________
27. Where did they visit first? _________________________________________________
28. Why did many visitors love Marina Bay? _________________________________________________
29. Did they take a boat cruise along the river? ________________________________________________
30. Did they take a lot of photos in Sentosa? _________________________________________________
I. Make sentences using the suggested words.(1pt)
31. There/be/ some robots/ our hi-
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