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Ngày gửi: 22h:20' 04-12-2016
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By Ms Dung – Mail: @gmail.
Rewrite sentences/ Complete sentences/ Put questions:
1. There is a custom in my family that we talk and watch TV together after dinner. FOLLOW
2. Tet Festival is an occasion for family reunion. It is an occasion for worshipping ancesters.
3. It is not necessary for us to spend too much time studying. HAVE TO
4. You have a smooth voice! WHAT
5. Danny doesn’t solve the problem as carefully as Eddy. MORE
6. Hung Kings Temple Festival/ hold/ annually/ 10th/ third lunar month.
7. They/ have breakfast/ when/ mailman/ come yesterday.
8. I used to visit my uncleeveryday when I was a child.
9. My mother is cooking in the kitchen.
1. A. commemorate B. reunion C. preservation D. procession
2. A. dragon B. eagle C. custom D. accept
3. A. character B. woodcutter C. suddenly D. according
4. A. socialise B. generous C. tradition D. emperor
5. A. fortune B. perform C. preserve D. regret
Annually, within one week of a particular month in a year, at Halong Bay – northern part of Quang Ninh province, Halong Tourism Week is organized. The event is a valuable chance for foreign visitors to understand the unique beauty of Halong. The spotlight of this festival is Halong Carnival.
It has been held since 2011 when Halong was chosen as one of the new seven natural wonders of the world. Halong Tourism Week is a combination of modern and traditional styles. Also there are a wide variety of cultural, tourism, and sporting activities, consisting of art performances and food festivals. There is even Miss Sea Contest at Halong Tourism Week. The Tourism Week attracts more tourists from other provinces in Vietnam and other countries in the world.
True or False?
1. Halong Carnival is a special part of Halong Tourism Week. __________
2. Halong Tourism Week lasts one month. __________
3. Tourists can watch Beauty Contest at Halong Tourism Week. __________
Choose the best answer:
4. Halong Tourism Week is a mixture of__________styles.
A. modern and traditional B. cultural and beautiful
C. valuable and unique D. wide and tourism
5. It has been held for___________years so far.
A. 2011 B. ten C. two D. six
Choose the best answer to complete each sentence:
1. In my opinion, a custom is something that has become an_________way of doing things.
A. broken B. accepted C. refused D. denied
2. A tradition is something we do that is special and is________through the generations.
A. passed down B. spotted on C. taken up D. broken with
3. The superstar Ronaldo will go to Vietnam in September. - _________! It ‘s like a joke.
A. You’re welcome B. My pleasure C. You’re kidding D. Bless you
4. According to tradition, you _______ sweep the floor on the first day of Tet. If you sweep the floor, you will sweep your money.
A. should B. must C. have to D. shouldn’t
5. The Tortoise and the Hare is a_______.
A. legend B. fairy tale C.folk D. fable
6.At the beginning of the festival, they performed a ______ of offering some incense.
A. task B. ritual C. function D. role
7. Giong Sain is unable___________until he was three.
A. to speak B. speaking C. speak D. to speaking
Word form:
1. I find Water Festival in Thailand_____________. DISAPPOINT
2. _____________is important in life. COMMUNICATE
3. He contributed a lot to______________. COMMUNE
4. He walked more_______________than usual to avoid waking everyone up. QUIET
5. We worship him to show our honour to his protecting us from________________. INVADE
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