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on tap tung vung unit 12,13,14

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REVIEW UNIT 12,13,14
III. Choose the best option to complete the sentence.
1. The school boys are in hurry _______ miss their school bus.
a. not to b. in order not c. so as d. so as not
2. You may put your money in a small coin bank _________ keep it safe.
a. so that b. in order that c. in order to d. so as
3. I bought this new software ________ Chinese.
a. for learning b. learning c. to learn d. learned
4. I’ll post the card today _________ there on my mother’s birthday.
a. to get it b. in order to get it c. so as it gets d. so that it gets
5. Let’s go to the Reverton this weekend.” Sounds like fun. ___________ from here?
a. How far is b. How far is it c It’s how far d. How far it is
6. “________ book is it?” ‘I don’t know, but I think it belongs to Jim’s”
a. who b. what c. whose d. which
7. ______ is traditional music from a particular country, region, or community.
a. Blues b. Classical music c. Folk music d. Jazz
8. He’s really delighted with his new CD player.
a. pleased b. angry c. entertained d. annoyed
9. She usually had a smile on her face, but now she looks _____________
a. cheerful b. joyful c. solemn d. delightful
10. We haven’t had any __________ with him for several years.
a. communication b. expression c. excitement d. entertainment
11. a. sight b. listen c. start d. music
12. a. design b. season c. newspaper d. disagree
13. a. sense b. purpose c. noise d. promise
14. Language and music make humans different …… all other animals
a. of b. with c. from d. by
15. Music can be used to express one’s ……
a. friends b. friendly c. befriend d. friendship
16. Music plays a very important …… in our life
a. part b. section c. area d. field
17. Music adds …… to the atmosphere of a festival
a. sadness b. joyfulness c. disappointment d. happy
18. Folk music …… babies to sleep
a. makes b. wakes c. lulls d. lets
19. Music in general and pop music in particular makes people ……
a. excite b. exciting c. excited d. excitement
20. I listen to music …… feel relaxed
a. so as to b. in order for c. as so to d. so as for
21. “…… is your favourite Vietnamese singer?” – “Trong Tan and My Linh”
a. What b. Who c. Whom d. Whose
22. “…… do you like classical music?” – Because it helps me relax
a. How b. What c. Which d. Why
23. We started early in order …… miss the first part of the concert
a. to not b. not to c. no for d. for no
24. Would you like to go out …… a meal tonight, Joan?
a. to b. for c. with d. of
25. …… was “Heal the World” written?
a. Who b. Whom c. By who d. By whom
26. …… is it from here to the theatre?
a. How b. How long c. How far d. How often
27. I’m saving money …… a cassette player
a. buying b. in buying c. to buy d. for buy
28. “…… are you learning Chinese for?” – “To sing Chinese songs”
a. What b. Why c. How d. Which
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