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Ôn tập Unit 123 (lớp 8 thí điểm)

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I. Complete the sentences with the correct form (to-infinitive or -) of the verbs in the box. Some verbs can be followed by either a to-infinitive or an -.

1. My brother loves _____________ live football on TV. 2. Do people in your country like _____________ abroad on vacation? 3. Riding a bike is Lan’s pleasure, but she detests _____________ in the rain. 4. I don’t mind _____________ at home to look after the children. 5. As a child, he hated _____________ books, but now he finds it enjoyable. 6. Minh is in good shape. He enjoys _____________ sport and exercise. 7. She doesn’t like _____________ up early in the morning, especially at the weekend. 8. Emily dislikes _____________ crafts, but she enjoys origami. 9. I fancy _____________ out tonight because I’m too tired to cook.
10. Nancy adores _____________ with her best friend Helen.

II.Complete the sentences with the to-infinitive or -of the verbs in brackets. 1. I have enjoyed ___________ (meet) you. Hope ___________ (see) you again soon. 2. My father is not keen on coffee. He prefers ___________ (drink) tea. 3. I am a little busy. Would you mind ___________ (wait) a little longer? 4. Mobile games are great, but I don’t like ___________ (play) them for too long. 5. If I can choose, I prefer ___________ (stay) at home to ___________ (play) sport. 6. Tonight I’d like ___________ (go) out, but I have to do my homework. 7. Sue loves ___________ (make) origami. She can fold some animals, birds and flowers. 8. I detested ___________ (spend) two hours every day travelling to work and back. 9. He started ___________ (surf) the net hours ago. Has he stopped ___________ (surf) yet? 10. I tried hard ___________ (concentrate), but my mind kept ___________ (wander).

III. Match the word or phrase with its definition. 1. buffalo drawn cart a. a circular wooden canvas and felt tent 2. harvest time b. land covered with grass where sheep, cows, horses, etc., feed 3. paddy field c. a vehicle with two or four wheels pulled by buffalo 4. cattle d. a structure where bees are kept for producing honey 5. pasture e. cows and bulls that are kept as farm animals 6. ger f. a high mountainous area of a country 7. beehive g. a field in which rice is grown 8. highlands h. the time of year when crops are cut and collected from the fields 9. dairy products i. a member of a community that moves with its animals
from placeto place 10. nomadj. food made from milk, such as butter and cheese

Write the correct form or tense of the verbs in brackets. 1. We___________(play) football this afternoon. Do you want to play too? 2. Could you meet me at the airport tomorrow? My flight___________(arrive) at six. 3. Last summer, my friends and I ___________(spend) our holiday on a farm. 4. Nick ___________(not ride) a buffalo drawn cart before. 5. The cattle ___________(graze) on the green pastures right now. 6. Millions of Mongolians ___________(be) semi-nomadic herders for thousands of years. 7. My family ___________(live) in a small town for ten years before moving to Boston. 8. Country life ___________(not excite) me at all. It’s so boring. 9. Nick would like ___________(visit) the countryside at the harvest time. 10. I don’t mind ___________(drive) for 1.5 hours on the weekend to get out to the countryside.
Write the correct form or tense of the verbs in brackets. 1. At present, the social networks ______________ (become) more popular among young generation. 2. I ______________ (not listen) to their new CD yet. Is it any good? 3. When I was a student, I ______________ (not like) doing homework.
4 Facebook ______________ (found) in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin. 5. The American ______________ (spend) 34 hours a week watching television. 6. ______________ (you/ ever/ make) origami cranes? 7. I’ve just bought a new CD of folk songs. I ______________ (listen) to it tonight. 8. Do you adore ______________ (lie) in a hot bath? 9. Please try ______________ (arrive) punctually at 8.30. 10. Many teenagers prefer ______________ (
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