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Unit 8 – Sports and games

Part A – Vocabulary and Grammar

I/ Write the past form of the following verbs.
read -
begin -
swim -
see -
buy -
write -
make -
ride -
speak -
hold -
wear -
hear -
beat -
tell -
put -
II/ Find the odd word in each line.
A. walk B. borrow C. take D. cook
A. went B. got C. eat D. drank
A. running B. driving C. skipping D. swimming
A. pastime B. interest C. hobby D. music
A. study B. play C. relax D. rest
III/ Put the words and phrases in order to make questions.
you/ practice/ table tennis/ How often/ do/ playing ( ?
the match/ win/ your team/ Did/ last Sunday ( ?
arrive/ the stadium/ at/ What time/ you/ did ( ?
play/ games/ your family/ Does/ sometimes/ together ( ?
you/ play/ Did/ were/ when you/ marbles/ usually/ small ( ?

Unit 8 – Sports and games

Part B – Listening

I/ Listen and fill each blank with a suitable word.
David, you look quite sporty.

Do I? You know I (1) ............ judo twice a week, and I go (2) ............ a dance class, too.

Do you play any ball (3) ............?

Yes, I play football every Sunday. We won last Sunday’s game 3 – 1.

Great! Is there any sport you like to (4) ............ only?

Yes, I’d like to watch motor racing on TV. It’s really exciting.

And is there any (5) ............ you’d like to try?

I like to try horse riding.

II/ Listen to the passages. Then write True (T) or False (F) for each sentence.
Hai play chess every Saturday.

‘Angry Birds’ is Bill’s favourite game.

Alice doesn’t like doing sports very much.

Trung is very good at playing football.

Bill’s dream is to create a new game.

Unit 8 – Sports and games

Part C – Reading

I/ Read the following passage and fill each blank with a suitable word.
There are two main kinds of sports: (1) sports and individual sports. Team sports (2) such sports as baseball, basketball and volleyball. Team sports require two separate teams. The teams play (3) each other. They compete against each other in order to get the best score. (4) example, in a football game, if team A gets 4 points and team B (5) 2 points, team A wins the game. Team sports are sometimes called competitive sports.
II/ Read the text about Pelé and answer the questions.
Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pelé, is widely regarded as the best football player of all time. Pelé was born on October 21st, 1940 in the countryside of Brazil . Pelé’s father was a professional football player and taught Pelé how to play at a very young age.

Pelé began his career at the age of 15 when he started playing for Santos Football Club. In 1958, at the age of 17, Pelé won his first World Cup. It was the first time the World Cup was shown on TV. People around the world watched Pelé play and cheered.

Pelé won three World Cup and score 1,281 goals in his 22-year career. In 1999, he was
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