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Ngày gửi: 17h:14' 01-12-2020
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Chooose the correct asnwer that best completes the sentences
The man ______ there is a clown.
standing B. who stand C. who standing D. is standing
2. The envelop _____ on the table has no stamp on it. A. is lying B. lying C. which lying D. lie
3. Benzene, _____ by Faraday, became the starting point in the manufacture of many dyes, perfumes and explosives. A. discover B. discovering C. to discover D. discovered
4. The student don`t know how to do exercise _____ by the teacher yesterday.
A. giving B. given C. to give D. which given 5. The diagrams ____ by young Faraday were sent to Sir Humphry Davy at the end of 1812. A. made B. make C. which made D. making
6. The gentleman ____ next door to me is a well-known orator. A. who live B. living C. lives living
7. The street ___ to the school is very wide.
A. leading B. which lead C. lead D. led
8. The system _____here is very successful.
A. using B. used C. to use D. use
9. Trains _____ from this station take an hour to get to London.
A. leaving B. leave C. which leaves D. to leave 10. The candidates _____ for the exam are all from Vietnam.
A. who sitting B. sitting C. to sit D. sit
11. We are driving on the road _____in 1980.
A. built B. which built C. which was built D. both A and C
12. Customers ____ about the service should see the manager.
A. complaining B. who complaining C. who complains D. complained
13. The city ______during the war has now been rebuilt.
A. destroying B. destroyed C. which destroyed D. destroy
14. The vegetable _______in this shop are grown without chemicals.
A. sold B. which sold C. sell D. selling 15.Do you know the woman ______us?
A. who is coming towards B. coming towards C. who come towards D. both A and B
16. I come from a city _____in the southern part of the country.
A located B. locate C. locating D. locates
17. The fence ______our house is made of wood.
A. which surrounding B. surrounding C. which surround D. to surround 18. Be sure to follow the instructions ______ at the top of the page. A.given B. which given C. give D. giving 19. They live in the house ______in 1890.
A. built B. building C. was built D. which built
20. The man ______to the policeman is my uncle.
A. who talking B. talking C. who talk D. talked
21. The last person _______ the room  must turn off the lights.
A. who leave B. to leave C. leaving D. leave
22. The first man ______ was entirely unsuitable.
A. to be interviewed  B. to interviewed C. who interviewed  D. to interviewing
23. I was the only one _______him.
A. to be realized B. who realized C. to realize D. both B and C
24.  I have some homework _____ tonight.
A. to do B. to doing C. doing D. done 25.She is the only woman ______to the board.
A. who was appointed B. to be appointed C. appointed D. both A and B
26.  A person _______in a shop is called a shop assistant.
A. who serving B. who serve C. serving D. serve 27. We have a few exercises _____.
A. to do B. to doing C. do
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