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If Clause
Main clause

(có thể xảy ra )

Simple Present (V / Vs-es)

Simple Future ( may/ can/ will +V )

( không thể xảy ra ở hiện tại )

Past Subjunctive (V2/ Ved)
be ( were

Future in the Past ( might/ could/ would +V)

( ( không thể xảy ra ở quá khứ )

Past Perfect (Had+V3/Ved)

might/ could/ would + have + V3 /Ved

§3. Conditional Type 1
We use conditional type 1 to express real or probable conditions.
If Van gets high marks in the exam, her parents will give her a computer.
(Van is a good student, and it is possible for her to get high marks in the exam)
If clause
Main clause

Present Simple
Future Simple

If clause can come first or later.
Be careful. If you step on the dof’s tail, it will bit you.
You’ll never get success if you don’t try your best.
Instead of the Future simple tense in the main clause, we can use can + bare-infinitive to indicate permission or ability.
You can go out with friends if you promise to come home before 9. (permission)
If you concentrate, you can do the job well. (ability)
May/might + bare-infinitive can be used in the main clause to indicate possibility.
The soccer game may be delayed if the weather isn’t better.
Other modal verbs or any expressions of command can be used according to their meanings.
If Tuan wants to recover soon, he should stay in bed. (advice)
Please tell Ha to see me in the library if you happen to see him. (request)
Instead of Present Simple tense in the If clause, we can use the Present Perfect tense.
Hand in your paper if you have finished your writing.

A. Make conditional sentences from the following words.
weather/ fine/ go on a pinic.

I/ be employed/ invite you/ eat out.

you/ come across/ monolingual dictionary/ take one for me.

mother/ allow/ go to your party.

you/ want/ good English learner/ learn to speak at the very beginning.

not eat breakfast/ not have enough energy.

you/ feed it too regularly/ the fish die.

you/ travel by bus/ save money.

the storm/ attack the village/ everyone/ be moved.

Suong/ finish her assignment/ within two weeks/ have one mark plus.

B. Complete the following conditional sentences.
You will enlarge your knowledge …………… you spend time reading newspapers and magazines.
You …………… cut yourself if you are not careful with the knife.
…………… you want to lose weight, you …………… eat more vegetables.
If the strike …………… finished, the factory won’t be opened tomorrow.
…………… it’s Nhan that’s calling, please …………… him that I’m waiting for him.
If you …………… your homework, you …………… play computer games.
You …………… what you want if you try your best.
The traffic in the city is very busy. It will be easier for you if you …………… by bus during rush hour.
Don’t forget to take your flashlight with you. You …………… it if it is too dark outside.
Normally the dog doesn’t bite anyone but …………… you enter the house stealthily, it …………… you.
C. Complete the following conditional sentences with your own ideas.
If you want to speak English well, ...............
If I see an old lady crossing the street,

If you visit my hometown,

If the weather is nice this weekend,

If I come first in the exam,

If a friend of mine gets a cold and cannot go to class,

If I come across an old friend who I haven’t seen for a long time,

If you want to become a good student,

§4. Conditional Typed 2

We use conditional type 2 to express unreal conditions in the present.
If I were you, I wouldn’t tell Nha that bitter truth.
If clause
Main clause

Past Simple /
Past Subjunctive
Would/ could/ might + bare-infinitive

If clause can come first or later
If I had enough money, I would buy a house for my parents.
We would become lazy if we didn’t work.
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