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One-Period Test 1-Grade 11 (Sách mới).

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Ngày gửi: 18h:43' 08-10-2019
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Time: 45 minutes

Questions 1-3: You will hear three short conversations. There is one question for each conversation. For each of the questions, circle the right answer (A, B, or C). You will listen to the recording twice.
1. How long has he been working as a teacher?

A. 1 ½ years
B. 2 ½ years
C. 3 ½ years

2. Which airline are they going to fly with?

A. British Airways.
B. Anglo Air.
C. Euroflight.

3. Who is working at the moment?

A. Her brother.
B. Her brother’s wife.
C. Both A & B.

Questions 4-8: Listen to a news bulletin. Answer each of the questions with a number. You will listen to the recording twice.
4. How many people were injured in the crash? ________________________________ 5. How fast was the lorry going? ________________________________mph 6. How many workers have walked out of the Peugeot factory? ___________________________ 7. What pay rise do they want? ________________________________% 8. How many more unemployed people are there this year? ________________________________

Questions 9-11: Mark the link between the consonant sounds and the vowel sounds in each of the following questions.
9. Looking at the computer screen for a long time is harmful for your eyesight.
10. I thought he was in Ha Noi today.
11. It is important that disable people receive more assistance from the community.
Questions 12-16: Circle the correct option (A, B, C, or D) to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
12. Be quiet and let me __________ you how I feel!

A. telling
B. to tell
C. to telling
D. tell

13. Did you ___________ to pay to send the package back?

A. must
B. should
C. ought
D. have

14. My dad wants me to go to university, but I’m in _________ minds about it.

A. my
B. different
C. some
D. two

15. I really admire his ability __________ decisions so quickly.

A. make
B. to making
C. making
D. to make

16. My brother _________ write when he was just three years old.

A. can
B. should
C. might
D. could

Questions 17-21: Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets.
My father takes great ______________ in his work. (PROUD)

Whenever I meet my old teacher I greet him ______________. (RESPECT)

I have to make my final ______________ by next Monday. (DECIDE)

I wouldn’t accept him in this team because he is completely ______________. (RELY)

There should be more ______________ activities to attract more new students. (CURRICULAR)

Questions 22-31: Read the passage and do the tasks that follow.
Considering their wedding cost over £20,000 and took a year and a half to organise, you would be surprised to hear that Richard and Victoria Hammond now intend to forget it.
"It was a terrific day at one of the country`s most deluxe resort. Everyone was so happy," says Victoria, "but we have so much we want to do together now." Her husband agrees: "Both our minds are now fixed firmly on the future. Our marriage is so much more important than the wedding."
"At the moment, we are still living with Richard`s parents," explains Victoria, "so our first wish is to find our own place, maybe in the suburb, but it should have all modern facilities." Richard adds that they plan to have two or three children. "We both have many siblings and they encourage us to add to the extended Hammond family."
The young couple has just returned from a two-week honeymoon in an authentic Scottish castle. Both are big travel lovers and Richard hopes they will go travelling as much as possible together "I`d love to be her company to every corner of the world!" Victoria, however, says that her real wish is to go on safari but Richard has no interest in wildlife. That means she might have to fulfill this ambition alone.
About the marriage itself, the couple emphasizes the importance of talking with each other. "We are not always in great harmony. However, it is communicating that has helped us to be reconciled. Now marriage is a brand-new start, isn’t it?" Victoria smiles.
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