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Người gửi: Vũ Nguyễn Phương Lan
Ngày gửi: 09h:20' 13-03-2010
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( Class 12 )
Mã đề: A01
Choose the word or phrase in each sentence that needs correcting.
1: Whenever he spoke, the audience listening to him with great attention.
2: The stranger has been noticing to enter the room through the front door.
3: What would happen because I pressed that red button.
4: If he had not tried to jump over the stream, he would not break his leg.
Read the passage and choose the best word to fill in each blank.
Some people believe that….5….schools will no longer be necessary. These people say that because of the Internet and other new technology, there is no longer any….6…. for school buildings, formal classes, or teachers. Perhaps this will be true one day, but it is hard for us to imagine a world without schools. In fact, we need to look at….7….we can use new technology to make schools better,….8….to eradicate them.
5: A. quickly B. in no time C. soon D. in time
6: A. request B. requirement C. demand D. need
7: A. what way B. how C. why D. when
8: A. without B. not C. unless D. but
Read the text carefully and choose the best answer.
Working at a part-time job while studying at a university has many advantages. If students can get a job in their area of study, they are gaining valuable experience and putting their knowledge to use immediately. The extra money they can earn will be useful for their study. Also they will have the personal satisfaction of having contributed to their education. Moreover, they certainly feel proud of themselves that they do not quite depend on their parents. Students who need extra money can hold down a full-time temporary job during their summer holiday.
9: How do students feel if they can get a job while studying at a university?
A. proud of becoming rich B. satisfied and confident
C. unsatisfactory D. selfish
10: Students use the money they earn to......................
A. contribute to their own education B. buying that are necessary
C. enjoy themselves D. take a leisure trip
11: The word "temporary" in the text refers to................
A. permanent B. general
C. lasting for a short time D. lasting for a long time
12: Students who need extra money......................
A. can get a part-time job B. cannot get a part-time job
C. should not get a part-time job D. are unable get a part-time job
13: Which of the following statements is NOT mentioned in the text.
A. If students get a job in their area of study, they can put their knowledge to use immediately.
B. If students get a job in their area of study, they can get valuable experience.
C. If students get a job in their area of study, they can get extra money.
D. If students get a job in their area of study, they can feel very easy for their examination.
Choose the word whose underlined part is differently pronounced from that of the others
14: A. campus B. major C. take D. educate
15: A. sacrifice B. scary C. maximum D. applicant
16: A. wanted B. opened C. provided D. painted
17: A. count B. centre C. course D. car
18: A. freshman B. process C. entrance D. absence
Choose the best answer.
19: If you didn’t do this, you ……………...punished.
A. would be B. should be C. are D. will be
20: I’ll get Peter…………this for you.
A. to be done B. done C. to do D. do
21: If I were a millionaire, I would buy my house near the sea.
A. Only a millionaire can buy the house near the sea.
B. Buying a house near the sea is any millionaire’s dream.
C. Were I a millionaire, I would buy my house near the sea.
D. You should buy a house near the sea if you were a millionaire.
22: He was said…………..this building.
A. to design B. designed C. to designs D. designing
23: If the driver in front…………..so suddenly, the accident wouldn’t have happened.
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