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Phrasal verbs 3

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Nhắn tin cho tác giả
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Ngày gửi: 19h:06' 26-02-2019
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Choose the best answer
1.UNESCO __________ United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural
A. stands for B. brings about C. takes after D gets across
2.There is an inflation. The prices __________.
A. are going on B.are going down C. are going over D. are going up
3.Remember to _______ your shoes when you are in a Japanese house.
A. take care B. take on C. take over C. take off
5.It’s cold outside. __________ your coat.
A. Put on B. Put down C. Put off D. Put into
6.Linda never turns up in time for a meeting.
A. calls B. arrives C. reports D. prepares
7.Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today .
A. do B. let C. delay D. leave
7.My father gave up smoking two years ago.
A. liked B. continued C. stopped D. enjoyed
8.Both Ann and her sister look like her mother.
A. take after B. take place C. take away D. take on
9.The bomb ________ when he started his car .
A. went over B. went on C. went out D. went off
10.The two boys _______ to the building easily because there was no security.
A. broke in B. put in C. came in D. checked in
11.We were so late, the plane nearly __________ without us!
A. took off B. got off C. went off D. set off
12.Were you brought ___________ in the city or in the country?
A. up B. forward C. over D. off
13. Everything is _______ you. I cannot make _______ my mind yet.
A. out off / on B.up to / up C.away from /for D.on for / off
16. If something urgent has _______ up, phone me immediately and I will
help you.
A. picked B. come C. kept D. brought
17. Be careful ! The tree is going to fall.
A. Look out B. Look up C. Look on D. Look after
18. The organization was established in 1950 in the USA.
A. come around B. set up C. made out D. put on
19 Within their home country, National Red Cross and Red Crescent societies
assume the duties and responsibilities of a national relief society.
A. take on B. get off C. go about D. put in
20. The authority _______ down that building to build a supermarket.
A. knocked B. came C. went D. fell
21. I`m sorry. I didn`t mean to interrupt you. Please, go on and finish what
you were saying.
A. talk B. quit C. continue D. stop
22. If you don`t have the telephone number now, you can ________ me up
later and give it to me then.
A. call B. stop C. give D. hold
23. What does "www" ________ for? Is it short for “world wide web?”
A. sit B. stand C. lie D. point
24.The films begins at 8.30. I`ll _________ you _____ at 8.15.
A. pick/up B. take/out B. collect/up D. run/up
25.Please ________ the light, it’s getting dark here.
A. turn on B. turn off C. turn over D. turn into
26. Peter sometimes visits his uncles in the country.
A. calls on B. keeps off C. takes in D. goes up
27. I had to turn _________ his invitation to lunch as I had a previous
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