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PHRASAL VERBS ~ SET [Part 2] (Exercises & Keys)

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Người gửi: Cấn Chính Trường
Ngày gửi: 12h:33' 10-12-2017
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I. Fill in the gaps using appropriate prepositions or adverbs.
1. Well children, stop idling; it is time you set....your work.
2. The dog set....the thief.
3. The detective set....checking the alibis.
4. She has many virtues to set...her faults.
5. Shakespeare`s mastery of verse set him....from other poets of his era.
6. He sets....some money every month.
7. Though I am very busy, I am going to set...some time to visit the hospital.
8. My proposal was the chairman.
9. The outhouse is set 25 feet....from the manor.
10. That is a very nice car; it must have set you....a couple of thousand.
11. The strike set....the talks for over a month.
12. The bus sets the old people....just behind the church.
13. It is clearly set....that you mustn`t cheat in the exams.
14. She set....the food on the table.
15. Winter has set....early this year.
16. They search of the lost mountaineers.
17. The bomb was remote control.
18. If you dare to lay a finger on her, I shall set the
19. The wind is setting....from the west.
20. They as soon as James arrived.
21. They have set....on a journey round the world.
22. That motorbike has set him....a couple of thousand.
23. The directions are clearly this leaflet.
24. The rains have set....early this winter.
25. His speech set him....from other politicians.
II. Replace the following phrasal verbs with another word or phrase of the same meaning.
1. I don`t know howto set about this business.
2. They set about each other wildly.
3. It is time we set about our work.
4. Setting aside mypersonal feelings, I recognise that she is rather an intelligent girl.
5. The employer set the workers`s claim aside.
6. The pool is set well back from the house.
7. This house set me back quite a lot of money.
8. The conditionsare clearly set down in the documents.
9. The bus stopped to set down a little girl.
10. We must set him down either as a thug or a fool.
11. He has clearly set forth his political views.
12. Go to the hospital before an infection sets in.
13. We have set off on a journey around Africa.
14. This frame sets off the painting very well.
15. Don`t set him off talking about philosophy or he will go on all afternoon.
16. He was set on by a savage dog.
17. My friend Charles is set on becoming an airline pilot.
18. They set out on their journey at seven in the morning.
19. He set out his reasons for rejecting the post, and all the family agreed.
20. The government set up a statue of the President in front of the City Hall.
21. Setting aside my personal feelings, I recognise that she`s right.
22. The party have set off on a journey across the Sahara.
23. They have set up a new company.
24. He set out his reasons for the divorce.
25. The dogs were set on him.
III. Replace the words in italics with an appropriate phrasal verb.
1. Autumn has begun early this year.
2. The public demonstration in London started a series of demonstrations throughout the country.
3. They left at seven and hoped to arrive before nine o`clock.
4. They started their journey for Geneva in the morning.
5. In that booklet the author aims to prove that phrasal verbs are not so difficult.
6. He established a new record for the 2,500 metres.
7. When Mary died, Tom decided to leave the shop and start a new business on my own.
8. The film took place in a medium-sized provincial town.
9. He attributes his defeat to his lack of self confidence.
10. It is time we began our work.
11. The goverment rejected the opposition`s proposal.
12. The incident delayed the talks for over a month.
13. The car cost me a couple of thousand.
14. The conditions are clearly stated in the document.
15. She exhibited the jewels on the table.
16. A hot spell is beginning.
17. The terrorists detonated the bomb in the middle of the street.
18. It is time we began to work.
19. The neighbours have organized a committee
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