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PHRASAL VERBS ~ UNIT 3 (Exercises & Keys)

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Người gửi: Cấn Chính Trường
Ngày gửi: 08h:45' 16-12-2017
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I. Complete these sentences using the six verbs from the list below. Use each verb only once.
put through - speak up - cut off
hold on - get through - stand for
1. The Gas Board have.......our gas supply because we haven’t paid our bill.
2. The telephone operator asked me to.......while she dialled the number for me.
3. The letters U.S.A.......the United States of America.
4. Robert waited while the telephone operator......the call he was waiting for.
5. Joan couldn` her parents because the line was engaged.
6. The examiner asked Colin to.......because he couldn`t hear him.
II. Replace the words in italics by the words in brackets. Change the word order if necessary.
e.g. I’ll put her through now. (Mrs Clarke)
=> I`ll put Mrs Clarke through now.
1. The Water Board cut off our water supply. (it)
2. Please put through Mr Can Truong`s call. (it)
3. The chairman cut him off in the middle of his speech. (John)
III. Fill the space with a preposition where necessary.
1. I was put through.......central office.
2. Mr Gunn`s secretary put through.......his call to America.
3. I can`t get through.......London.
IV. Complete the passage using cut off/stand for/get through.
The Electricity Board sent me a card with a red cross on it. I didn`t know what the red I decided to phone the Electricity Board and ask them. When I...... . I was told the red cross meant that I would be.......if I didn’t pay my bill immediately.
V. Complete the passage using speak up/put through/hold on.
Ask Mr Ford to.......and.......him.......when I finish the call on the other line. Mr Ford’s a bit deaf so you`ll have to .......when you tell him.
VI. Use the verbs in brackets to reply to the following.
e.g. He`s got a very soft voice. (speak up)
=> He`ll have to speak up when he makes his speech.
1. Look at this symbol. (stand for)
2. Have you got your ticket ? (hold on)
3. I turned on the tap but there was no water. (cut off)
4. I`d like extension 20, please. (put through)
5. Why didn’t you phone me last night? (get through)
6. What did she say? (speak up)

1. cut off 4. put through
2. hold on 5. get through
3. stand for 6. speak up
1. cut it off 2. put it through 3. cut John off
1. to 2. Ø 3. to
stood for; got through, cut off
hold on, put (him) through, speak up
1. It stands for the
Broadcasting (etc.)
Corporation (etc.)
2. No, just hold on while I buy one (etc.).
3. Had the Water Board cut you off (etc.)?
4. Wait a moment and I`ll put you through.
5. I tried, but I couldn`t get through (etc.).
6. She asked you to speak up because she couldn`t hear you (etc.).

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