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Phrase verbs
Phrase verb

Give away

His false identity papers gave him away

Give off
Send off a smell- liquid or gas

The cheese had begun to give off a strange smell

Give out
Be exhausted

When our money gave out we had to borrow

Give over
Abandon, devote


The rest of the time was given over to play cards.
Why don`t you give over! You are getting on my nerves!

Give up
Believed to be dead or lost

The escaped prisoner gave herself up
After ten days the ship was given up for lost

Go back on
Break a promise

The management has gone back on its promise

Go in for
Make a habit of
Enter a competition

I dont go in for that kind of thing
Are you thinking of going in for the race?

Go off
Become bad-food

This milk has gone off

Go on

Something funny is going on

Go round
Be enough

There weren`t enough life-jackets to go round

Go through with
Complete a promise or plan- unwillingly

When it came to actually stealing the money, Peter couldn`t go through with it

Grow on
Become more liked

This new record is growing on me

Hang onto

I think we should hang onto the car until next year

Have it in for
Be unkind to someone

My teacher has (got) it in for me

Have it out with
Express feelings so as to settle a problem

I put up with the problem for a while but in the end I had it out with her

Have someone on

I don`t believe you. You are having me on

Hit it off
Get on well with

Mark and Sarah really hit it off at the party

Hit upon/on
Discover by chance

Thay hit upon the solution quite by chance

Hold out
Offer-with hope

We don`t hold out much hope that the price will fall

Hold up

Sorry I`m late, I was held up in the traffic

Hold with
Agree with

I don`t hold with the idea of using force

Keep up

Well done! Keep up the good work

Lay down
State a rule

The company has laid down strick procedures for this kind of situation

Let down
Disappoint, break a promise

Sorry to let you down, but I can`t give you a lift today

Let in on
Allow to be part of a secret

We haven`t let Tina in on the plans yet

Let off
Excuse from punishment

As Dave was young, the judge let him off with a fine

Let on
Inform about a secret

We`ve planning a surprise for Helen but don`t let on

Live down
Suffer a loss of reputation

If City lose, they`ll never live it down

Live up to
Reach an expected standard

The play quite lived up to my expectation

Look into

The police have promised to look into the problem

Look on

We look on this town as our real home

Look someone up
Visit when in the area

Is you are passing through Athens, look me up

Make for
Result in

The power steering makes for easier parking

Make off with
Run away with

The thief made off with a valuable necklace

Make out

Mamage to see or understand

Tim made out that he hadn`t seen the No Smoking sign
I couldn`t quite make out what the notice said

Make someone out
Understand someone`s behaviour

Jane is really odd. I can`t make her out

Make up

I think you made up the whole story

Make up for
Compensate for

Our success makes up for all the hard times

Miss out
Fali to include
Lose a chance

You have made out a word here
Five people got promoted, but I missed out again

Own up

None of the children would own up to breaking the window

Pack in
Stop an activity

John has packed in his job

Pay back
Take revenge

She paid him back for all his insults

Pick up

The weather seem to be picking up

Plau up
Behave opr work badly

The car is playing up again. It won`t start

Point out
Draw attention to a fact

I pointed out that I would be on holiday anyway

Pull off
Manage to succeed

It was
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