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Question1:TheYouthUnioninourschoolhasdecidedtolauncha/an ____to raise funds for local charities.
A. activity B. announcement C. campaign D. decision
Question2: children get sick four times as often as children in permanent homes and also suffer from anxiety and depression at a higher rate than stably housed children.
A. Ill-educated B. Homeless C. Homely D. Weak
Homely (a) giản dị chất phát
Question 3: What a sight! It may make a child cry.
A. fearsome dễ sợ
B. fearless không sự hãi
C. fearful ghê sợ
D. fearing đáng sợ sợ sệt
Question 4: Hemaybe to penicillin, so you should give him some test before giving him a shot.
reactive (a) tác động lại
resistant/ rɪˈzɪstənt /chống cự, kháng cự
be allergic to: di ứng với cgi
give sb a shot: tiêm cho ai
Question 5: I can`t tell Peter and Paul apart; they are twins.
A. similar B. alike C. resemble D. identical
tell sb apart = distinguish sb: phân biệt ai…
identical twins: giống nhau như đúc
Question 6: In2013,a three-month-old tiger cub was brought to a rehabilitation center in the Russian Far East.
A. starve (v) đói
B. starving (adj) đói ăn
C. starved
D. starvation(n) sự bỏ đói / sự chết đói
Question 7: There`s a pretty little fishing village .
A. by the sea B. on the sand C. on the beach D. by the shore
Question 8: When I worked as a waiter, the hotel manager found with everything I do.
A. put blame for đổ lỗi cho
B. make a complaint : phàn nàn/ than phiền
C. find fault with: bới móc
D. criticism
Question 9: From the top of the cathedral tower there are some spectacular of the surrounding countryside.
A. sights B. sites C. views D. scenery
Question 10: Known as `Ha Long Bay on Land`, Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex is famous for its mountains, caves, and archaeological .
A. excavations B. sites C. relics D. heritages
Question 11: As surgeons become more familiar with using robots for surgery, there will come a day when robots are used in every hospital.
A. most B. mostly C. almost D. at most
Question 12:Thissafe, friendly city is like a paradise for its inhabitants who can enjoy the highest quality of life.
A. environment B. environmental C. environmentally D. environmentalist
Question 13: A pedestrian is a specified place on the road where people can cross.
A. crossroads B. crossing C. junction D. T-junction
Question 14: It is perhaps, the dailystressesand of the city which make life there a matter of survival rather than of enjoyment.
A depresses B. strains C. demands D. challenges
Question 15: Lifelong learning involves the use of both formal and informal learning opportunities throughout people`s lives in order to foster the development.
A. continual B. continuous C. continual D. continued
Question 16: It is the undeserved that damaged his life and his family.
A. reputable B. repute C. reputation D. disrepute
Question 17: He wasn`t able to with the stresses and strains of the job.
A. catch up B. come down C. cope D. handle
Question 18: batteries or solar chargers are some of the solutions to the lack of energy.
A. Rechargeable (a) có thể nạpB. Reversible C. Repeatable D. Returnable
Question19:A(n) sends reports from a particular part of the world or on a particular subject.
A. editor B. correspondent C. columnist D. proprietor
Question20:Thegovernmentistryingnotto the money they are spending on vocational training.
A. drop out of B. drop in on C. go on with D. cut down on
Question 21:Manystudents school to set up their own businesses and become self- employed.
A. move out of B. cut down on C. drop out of bỏ học D. drop in on
Question 22: I was in for the actual manager while she was away on maternity leave.
A. heading B. staying C. standing D. sitting
stand in for sb: thay thế chỗ cho ai đó
Question23:WhenpreparingaCV,university can consider attaching a separate report about official work experience during the
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