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Người gửi: Đỗ Văn Bình (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 13h:20' 13-11-2018
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Số lượt tải: 60
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I. Complete the sentences with past simple affirmative and negative forms of be.
1. Is Anna ill? She ________ in class yesterday.
2. Why ________ you late home last night?
3. We ________ in Ireland on holiday last year. We loved it!
4. Frankie ________ the best student at English last term. He studied really hard.
5. ________ your dad at the football match on Sunday?
6. My eyes ________ very tired after all that computer work yesterday.
7. There ________ any students in the school before 8.30 a.m. yesterday morning. Mark: __ /7
II. Complete the sentences. Use the past simple affirmative and negative forms of be and can.
1. My dad ________ at work today, so he ________ make dinner for us. It was delicious!
2. The weather ________ wonderful, so we ________ see the mountains 200 kilometres away.
3. We ________ go out because there ________ a lot of snow. We played board games instead.
4. The shops ________ closed, so John ________ buy any milk.
5. Alan ________ get into his house because his parents ________ at home. He was very angry!
Mark: __ /5
III. Complete the sentences with the past simple affirmative form of the verbs below.
decide hurry stay stop study pass wait watch

1. I ________ studying at 9 p.m.
2. I ________ an interesting programme on TV yesterday.
3. We all ________ the test easily.
4. I ________ for my friends at the bus stop after school.
5. We ________ at the same school three years ago.
6. My parents ________ to go out for dinner last night.
7. My mum ________ work this morning because she was late.
8. Tina ________ in bed all day yesterday. She was very ill. Mark: __ /8

IV. Complete the sentences. Write the places in brackets correctly.
1. The café is on the second floor in the __________________ (sponghip creten).
2. Let`s meet in front of the _________ (natir notisat) tomorrow morning.
3. There`s a ___________ (sub post) on the corner, opposite the park.
4. My parents go to ___________ (hhrucc) at seven o`clock every Sunday.
5. Have you got tickets for that new play at the ___________ (hateret)?
6. There`s a public meeting at the _____________ (wont lahl) on Friday.
7. We`d like to visit the _______________ (usemum) if it`s open. Mark: __ /7
V. Complete the replies with the words below.
modern fast fantastic expensive easy dirty dangerous

1. Is it safe to swim here? Yes, it isn’t ________ at all.
2. That film was terrible! Really? I think it was ________!
3. That Chinese restaurant is quite cheap. And the Japanese one is very ________!
4. My brother’s car is nice and clean! So why is your car so ________?
5. We enjoyed visiting the old part of town. Really? I prefer the ______ shopping centres!
6. It’s very difficult to understand you. Well, it isn’t ____ to understand you either!
7. Why is the traffic so slow? Because you can’t drive ________ in the rain!
Mark: __ /7
VI. Put the words in the correct order to make questions.
1. you / I / how / help / can _________________________________?
2. do / open / close / time / and / you / what _________________________________?
3. please / information / can / me / you / some / give _________________________________?
4. in / cost / much / to / it / how / does / get _________________________________?
5. is / me / you / where / the / tell / can / museum _________________________________?
6. know / you / to / like / what / would _________________________________?
Mark: __ /6
VII. Complete the sentences with the words below. There is one word that you do not need.
angry cooked could couldn’t hungry ordered proud relaxed scared surprised visited

1. When Janet was young, she was _________ of the dark, so she _________ sleep with the light off.
2. Last weekend, Paul wanted to give his girlfriend a surprise for her birthday, so he _________ dinner for her. He made her roast beef, but she was very _________ with him because she’s a vegetarian!
3. My parents were really _________ of my little sister when she was young, because she _________ talk when she was only one year old.
4. Luke and Amanda _________ the Tate Modern art gallery in London last week. They were really _________ by some of the paintings!
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