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In many countries, it is customary for the bride to wear a white dress as a symbol of purity. In traditional Japanese wedding ceremonies, the bride wears a white kimono. The tradition of wearing a special white dress only for the wedding ceremony started around 150 years ago. Before that, most women could not afford to buy a dress that they would only wear once.
In different countries, colors other than white are worn by the bride or used as part of the wedding ceremony. In certain Asian countries and in the Middle East, red and orange are considered symbols of joy and happiness. In Chinese cultures, wedding invitations are usually red and gold as these are colors symbolic of wealth and happiness. Wedding guests give gifts of money to the newlyweds in small red envelopes. Not all cultures, though, consider money a suitable gift. In many Western countries, especially the U.K, wedding guests give the bride and groom household items that they may need for their new home.
In many cultures, couples exchange rings, usually made of gold or silver, during the marriage ceremony. The circular shape of the ring is symbolic of the couple`s eternal union. In Brazil, it is traditional to have the rings engraved, with the bride`s name on the groom`s ring, and vice versa.
Many wedding customs that originated in one part of the world have been incorporated into marriage ceremonies in other countries. Today, couples can choose from many of the world`s traditional customs to create their own special ceremony.
16. The tradition of wearing a special dress only on one`s wedding day is about
______________ years old.
A. 1,500 B. 15 C. 150 D.15,000
17. In some cultures, the bride wears a white dress as a traditional symbol of
A. modesty B. purity C. secrecy D.innocent
18. In some Asian and Middle Eastern countries, which color is NOT
traditionally part of a wedding ceremony?
A. red B. orange C.white D. blue
19. According to the reading, in which country would the wedding guests give
the bride and groom money?
A. Brazil B. the U.K. C. China D.Korea
20. In many cultures, a wedding ring is worn on the third finger because
people believed this finger
A. would bring good luck B. is connected to the heart
C.stands for power D. symbolizes eternity
21. In which country is it customary to write the bride and groom`s names in
the wedding rings?
A. China B. Brazil C. the U.K. D.our country
22. In the U.K, what do the bride and groom often receive from their guests?
A. red envelopes B.silver rings C. white clothes D.household items
The Titanic
The Titanic was supposed to be unsinkable. However, this luxurious passenger ship sank on its first voyage. It had been lying at the bottom of the sea for many years, when it was discovered by the explorer Robert Ballard in 1985.
The Titanic was built in Belfast, Ireland. Its makers spent a great deal of money on the ship - it was luxuriously furnished, the size of three footballs fields and weighed 46,000 tones. At the time, it was the largest and most luxurious vessel ever built.
The Titanic set sail on 10"` April 1912, amid much excitement.
On 13"` April, the Titanic was sailing at full speed towards New York. The captain received warnings about icebergs for some time. He ignored each warning as it arrived, convinced the ship would never sink.
At 2.20 am, the Titanic sank beneath the surface of the sea. It stroke an iceberg just over two hours before. Of the 2,200 passengers and crew on board, only 705 survived.
Ballard found the tear along the side of the ship which caused it to fill with water and sink. What remains of the Titanic`s former grandeur is the most famous shipwreck in history, and a warning not to underestimate the power of nature.
1. Which of the following is NOT correct?
A.The Titanic was thought to be unsinkable
B.It was not discovered until over 70 year later
C.It sank after its first voyage
D.It was a luxurious ship
2. What was the Titanic like?
A.It was very big and expensive B.It had three football field on it
C.It was poorly furnished D.It was built in a city in England
3.The Titanic ____________ .
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