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Người gửi: Ngô Thời Nhiệm
Ngày gửi: 08h:32' 11-01-2018
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Số lượt tải: 213
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A Reducing your intake of sweet food is one way to keep your teeth healthy. The least cavity-causing way to eat sweets is to have them with meal and not between. The number of times you eat sweets rather than the totz amount determines how much harmful acid the bacteria in your saliva produces But the amount of sweets influences the quality of your salivA. Avoid, if you can sticky sweets that stay in your mouth a long time. `Also try to brush and flos your teeth after eating sugary foods. Even rinsing your mouth with water i effective. Whenever possible, eat foods with fiber, such as raw carrot sticks apples, celery sticks, etc., that scrape off plaque, acting as a toothbrush Cavities can be greatly reduced if these rules are followed when eating sweets.
1.What does the passage mainly discuss?
A. a healthy diet B. food with fiber
C. sweets and cavities D. tooth decay
2.The word intake is closest in meaning to
A. desire for B. ingestion of
C. purchase of D. investment in
3.The word cavity-causing is closest in meaning to
A. harmful B. desirable C. sickening D. casual
4.What can be concluded from the passage about sweets?
A. All sweets should be avoided.
B. Sticky sweets are less harmful than other sweets.
C. It is better to eat sweets a little at a time throughout the day.
D. Sweets should be eaten with care.
5.The word scrape off an be replaced by
A. repel B. rub together with
C. remove D. dissolve
6.The following items are regarded as a toothbrush except
A. celery sticks pies C. carrot sticks D. peaches
7.It can be inferred from the passage that foods with fiber are
A. sugary B. sticky C. abrasive D. acidic
8.According to the passage, the value of eating foods with fiber is that
A.they contain vitamin A
B. they are less expensive than a toothbrush
C. they are able to remove the plaque from your teeth
D. they contain no sugar
9.The author of the passage states that the amount of acid produced by the
bacteria in your saliva increases
A. with the amount of sweets you eat
B. with the number of times you eat sweets
C. if you eat sweets with your meals
D. if you eat sticky sweets
10. What is the tone of the writer in the passage?
A. informative B. argumentative C. sarcastic D. accusatory

A . In 1973, when the tiger appeared to be (11) __________ extinction, the World Wild Fund for Nature. and the Indian Government agreed to set (12) __________ `Operation Tiger`, a campaign to save this threatened creature. They started by creating nine special parks (13) __________ tigers could live in safety. The first was at Ranthambhore, a region which was quickly turning into a desert because too (14) __________of the grass was being eaten by the local people`s cattle. At the time there were just 14 tigers left there. The government had to (15) __________ twelve small villages, which meant moving nearly 1,000 people and 10,000 cattle so the land could be handed back to nature.
Today, Ranthambhore is a very different place, with grass (16) __________ for tigers to hide in, and there are now at least 40 of them in the park, wandering freely (17) __________. Other animals have also (18) __________. For example, there are many more deer and monkeys than before. The people who were moved are now living in better (19) ___________ They live in new villages away from the tiger park, with schools, temples and fresh water (20)__________. There are now 16 such tiger parks in India and the animal`s future looks a little safer.
11. A. facing B. coping C. heading D. suffering
12. A. out B. for C. up D. in
13. A. and B. now that C. where D. because
14. A. a lot B. many C. much D. amounts
15. A. clean B. sweep C. push D. clear
16. A. too tall
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