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Ngày gửi: 11h:57' 12-11-2017
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Time allowance 45 minutes

I. Choose one word (marked A, B, C, or D) that is SYNONYMOUS to the underlined word.
01. We seldom set each other anymore.
A. sometimes B. occasionally C. frequently D. rarely
02. John isn`t contented with his present salary.
A. excited about B. interested in C. disappointed about D. satisfied with

II. Choose one word (marked A, B, C, or D) that best complete each of the sentences.
03. Maria is going to stop______ dinner, so she may be late.
A. eating B. to eat C. for eating D. eat
04. She got_________ as soon as the alarm clock went_________.
A. over/ on B. up/ down C. on/ off D. up/ off
05. I`ll see him when he______ here tomorrow.
A. comes B. will come C. has come D. had come
06.It`s_______ to break into someone`s home.
A.illegally B.legally C.illegal
07.Have you seen her__________?
A.later B.latter C.late D.lately
08. We visited Canada and___________ United States.
A. an B. the C. ( D. a
09. We could reach the house__________ the road was flooded.
A. as if B. whether C. although D. even 10. The scientist__________ invention was a success became famous.
A. whose B. who C. which D. that
11. We________ the seedlings into peaty soil.
A. take B. plough C. raise D. transplant

III. Choose the underlined word or phrase - A, B. C or D - that needs correcting.
12. It was an extremelyfrightened experience in my life.
A. It was B. extremely C. frightened D. in
13. Frank usually swimming before work, but this morning he is jogging.
A. usually swimming B. work C. but D. is jogging
14. Mark went onworkingdespite he felt unwell.
A. went on B. working C. despite D. felt

IV. Choose the one option - A, B, C or D - that best fits each of the numbered blank.
I (15)_______ my teaching career nearly ten years ago. I spent six years (16)_______ in a remote village (17)_______ the villagers were very poor and the living standard was low. Sometimes I was very disappointed (18)_______ bad living condition and low pay. I was really homesick. However, at that time. with my youth (19)_______, I tried my best to devote (20)_______ to the noblest career, that was "teaching". I loved my poor little students. They were living in (21)_______ but they could not (22)_______ from empty mind.
I am proud (23)_______ myself to be a teacher, a hard working "boatman" taking my students to the "destination" of (24)_______.
15. A. began B. begin C. have begun D. had begun
16. A. teaching B. to teach C. teach D. taught
17. A. which B. there C. where D. when
18. A. in spite of B. because C. because of D. though
19. A. enthusiasm B. movement C. emotion D. culture
20. A. me time B. my career C. my duty D. myself
21. A. poor B. poverty C. debt D. shortage
22. A. bear B. cope with C. manage D. suffer
23. A. in B. of C. about D. on
24. A. experience B. competence C. background D. knowledge

V. Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others.
25. A. repair B. harrow C. arrive D. announce
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