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review grade 6

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Người gửi: Vũ Thanh Bình
Ngày gửi: 00h:13' 11-04-2016
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I/Choose the best option to complete each sentence.
1/ – A: Would you like ______tea? – B: No, thanks. (A. any B. some C. a D. many)
2/ There ______ much beer in the bottle. (A. isn’t B. aren’t C. is not D. A&C)
3/ Mai ______ games with her brother.
A. often play B. often plays C. plays often D. play often
4/ – A: What ______ are her eyes? –B: They are black.
A. subject B. color C. time D. class
5/ – A: Are there any English ______ in your class? – B: No, there aren’t.
A. students B. schoolboy C. child D. teacher
6/ – A: How much ______ is there in the fridge? –B: There’s a lot.
A. eggs B. oranges C. milk D. apples
7/ I’m going ______ some oranges. (A. buying B. buy C. buys D. to buy)
8/ – A: Let’s______ swimming this afternoon! – B: That’s a good idea! Let’s______ that!
A. going/doing B. to go/do C. go/do D. go/doing
9/ What do you often do______ the summer? (A. at B. in C. on D. for)
10/ What______ the weather like in the spring? (A. do B. is C. does D. A&B)
11/ They ______ for a walk after school.
A. go often B. often go C. often going D. going often
12/ Nam ______ to school in the evening.
A. never go B. go never C. never goes D. goes never
13/ His father works in a factory. He is an _________.
A. student B. engineer C. teacher D. doctor
14/ It’s noisy in the_________, but it’s quiet in the_________.
A. country/city B. country/country C. city/country D. city/city
15/ There_________ many cars _________the street.
A. is/in B. are/to C. is/on D. are/on
16/ –A: What do you do _________your free time? –B: I often listen _________ music.
A. at/to B. on/in C. to/in D. in/to
17/ Mrs. Brown often travels to Vietnam _________plane. (A. on B. by C. with D. in)
18/ Would you like _________oranges? (A. some B. any C. an D. a )
19/ Their favorite _________is English. (A. subject B. song C. book D. sport)
20/ Are there _________rice paddles in the country? (A. any B. some C. a D. an)
21/ My brother _________happy because today is _________birthday.
A. feels/her B. feels/its C. feels/his D. feels/their
22/ In the evening, my family always have rice and fish _________dinner.
A. on B. in C. for D. to
23/ Do you enjoy hot food _________ cold food? A. and B. or C. but D. with)
24/ –A: What about _________to music? –B: Yes, let’s do it!
A. listening B. listen C. to listen D. all are correct
25/ Nam _________breakfast at six o’clock every morning.
A. usually eats B. usually has C. has usually D. A&B
26/ There is a big yard _________ front of her house. (A. in B. on C. to D. at)
27/ – A: What’s your favorite _________? – B: I like cheese and hamburger.
A. drink B. sport C. subject D. food
28/ She _________her hair right now. (A. is washing B. washes C. wash D. washing)
29/ – A: Is Susan _________school? –B: No, she’s at home. (A. in B. at C. on D. under)
30/ What color _________his new car? (A. have B. is
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