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Review1-Word form

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Người gửi: Huỳnh Phong Dinh
Ngày gửi: 17h:22' 28-09-2016
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I. Complete the passage by filling each blank with the correct form of the word in brackets.
Some people ask me if I like living in my hometown. The answer is certainly ‘yes’. The simple reason is that it has lots of (1. interest) _____________ places. If you want to widen your knowledge of the past, you can go to the museum. It`s a (2. history) _____________ building, with a big collection of valuable artefacts. There is also a craft village in my hometown. There, the (3. village) _____________ make drums. Their drums are not only famous in the (4. local) _____________but also nationwide. You can visit the old workshop, where drums are still made in the traditional way. Some of them are huge! Another (5. attract) _____________ in my hometown is the local library. It`s an (6. educate) _____________where anyone can borrow books and take them home to read. Besides, it also has a (7. read) _____________club. I`m one of its members, and we gather once a week to discuss what we`ve read together. My hometown is also a (8. culture) _____________ centre, with many I traditional festivals and activities. I love it very much.
II. Use the correct form of the words given in brackets to finish the sentences.
1. Our city has some fashionable shops, but they are not very (afford)____________.
2. Many people, move to the city because they enjoy the (pleasure) ____________ and (convenience) ____________ life there.
3. New York is a multi-(culture) ____________ city. It has people from all over the world living in It.
4. City authorities are spending (much) ____________ and (much)____________ money on public transport to make it (good) ____________.
5. - What`s the (small)____________ country in the world?
- I think it`s Monaco.
III. Complete the text with the most suitable form of the adjectives in brackets. Add the where necessary.
London is one of (large) ____________ cities in the world. Its population is a lot (small) ____________ than Tokyo or Shanghai, but it is by far (popular) ____________ tourist destination. London is probably most famous for its museums, galleries, palaces, and other sights, but it also includes a (wide) ____________ range of peoples, cultures, and religions than many other places. People used to say that it was (dirty) ____________ city too, but it is now much (clean) ____________ than it was. To the surprise of many people, it now has some of (good) ____________ restaurants in Europe too. For some people, this makes London (exciting) ____________ city in Europe.

IV. Complete each sentence with the correct form of the word in brackets.
1. One of the_______________ in my hometown is the traditional market, which is open every Sunday. (attract)
2. What are the differences between Dong Ho_____________ and Sinh ones? (paint)
3. This is a very beautiful piece of_______________.    (embroider)
4. _______________ is one of the biggest problems in this city. (employ)
5. Photography is strictly_______________ in this museum. (forbid)
6. Do you know what is the most _______________ town in this region? (population)
7. Remember to visit the Ancient Tower as it`s the only_______________ building in our area. (history)
8. I feel so_______________ because I can`t run as fast as my friends. (embarrass)
9. _______________ can help you succeed in many fields. (confident)
10.  Find out more about the job so that you can make an_______________ choice. (inform)

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