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Ngày gửi: 18h:46' 31-10-2009
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Test 1
Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others.
a. precede b. reject c. schedule d. wedding
a. takes b. pens c. boats d. traps
a. romantic b. marriage c. attract d. private
a. tension b. decision c. provision d. precision
a. stopped b. talked c. married d. passed
Choose the word that has the main stress placed differently from that of the others.
a. obliged b. contractual c. determine d. counterpart
a. conical b. marriage c. romantic d. sacrifice
a. confide b. banquet c. cultural d. attitude
a. engage b. ceremony c. majority d. maintain
10. a. similarity b. independent c. generation d. diversity
I. Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer.
Clothing habits are a matter of (1) _____ preference in the United States. Most people are free to wear (2) _____ they feel comfortable. Business people in large urban areas are (3) _____ to wear suits or dresses, while clothing in rural areas is less formal. Most Americans tend to dress casually when not in formal or business situations. When eating, most Americans (4) _____ a fork in the hand with which they write. Americans eat away from home often, and usually they (5) ____ their own meals when dining with friends.
When Americans greet one another they often (6) _____ a firm handshake. They may greet strangers on the street by saying "Hello" or "Good morning". Friends often greet each other (7) _____ "How are you?" and respond "Fine, thanks." Americans do not really (8) _____ any other answer to the question "How are you?" because it is a way of saying hello. Except in formal situations, people address each other by their given names once they are acquainted.
Although Americans are generally informal people, it would be (9) _____ to schedule an appointment before going to visit someone, especially in business (10) _____ an appointment has been made, it is considered to be prompt.
a. person b. personal c. persons d. personably
a. whatever b. wherever c. whenever d. whichever
a. unlikely b. likely c. like d. alike
a. take b. carry c. hold d. bring
a. buy b. get c. order d. pay
a. transfer b. exchange c. replace d. change
a. with b. of c. by d. about
a. want b. predict c. expect d. need
a. the best b. best c. good d. well
a. while b. during c. when d. once
Read the passage and choose the best answer to each question from the four choices.
These days, most people in Britain and the US do not wear very formal clothes. But sometimes it is important to wear the right thing.
Many British people don`t think about clothes very much. They just like to be comfortable. When they go out to enjoy themselves, they can wear almost anything. At theatres, cinemas and concerts you can put on what you like from elegant suits and dresses to jeans and sweaters. Anything goes, as long as you look clean and tidy.
But in Britain, as well as the US, men in offices usually wear suits and ties, and women wear dresses or skirts (not trousers). Doctors, lawyers and business people wear quite formal clothes. And in some hotels and restaurants men have to wear ties and women wear smart dresses.
In many years, Americans are more relaxed than British people, but they are more careful with their clothes. At home, or on holiday, most Americans wear informal or sporty clothes. But when they go out in the evening, they like to look elegant. In good hotels and restaurants, men have to wear jackets and ties, and women wear pretty clothes and smart hairstyles.
It is difficult to say exactly what people wear informal or formal in Britain and the US, because everyone is different. If you are not sure what to wear, watch what other people do and then do the same. You`ll feel more relaxed if you don`t look too different from everyone else.
Many British people wear freely when they _____
a. attend meetings b. attend lectures
c. spend their spare time d. meet their friends
Who doesn`t usually wear suits and ties?
a. Lawyers b. Doctors c. Drivers d. Accountants
If you visit an American friend at home in the evening, you may find that your friend wears ____
a. pretty clothes b. informal clothes c. formal clothes d. plain clothes
If you are in a foreign country, the best way the writer suggests to you is to wear _____
a. strange clothes b. as the people there do
c. your native clothes d. comfortable clothes
What do you think the passage is mainly about?
Recent dressing habit in Great Britain and the United States.
The reason why informal clothing is popular in the UK and USA.
When we should wear in a formal way.
Where we should wear in a formal way.
I. Vocabulary -Choose the best answers.
The Foreign Minister held talks with his Chinese ______.
a. partner b. colleague c. counterpart d. collaborator
Safety should take ______ over all other matters in the workplace.
a. precede b. precedent c. preceding d. precedence
Parents are _____ by law to send their children to school.
a. obliged b. confided c. demanded d. conducted
Some people are concerned with physical ________ when choosing a wife or husband.
a. attractive b. attraction c. attractiveness d. attractively
A woman has to _____ more in marriage than a man.
a. determine b. sacrifice c. apologize d. equalize
My father has an older sister he hasn`t seen _______ thirty years.
a. since b. in c. during d. for
Jane has become ______ to Roger, and the wedding will be in April.
a. proposed b. engaged c. settled d. agreed
When we went to Egypt he knew ______ no Arabic, but within six months he had become extremely fluent.
a. entirely b. virtually c. barely d. scarcely
Marriage should be a(n) ______ partnership.
a. equal b. unique c. limited d. successful
What could be more ______ than a wedding on a tropical island?
a. romance b. romantic c. romanticizing d. romanticism
You really should ______ your energy for the difficult climb ahead.
a. conserve b. keep c. maintain d. preserve
Surprisingly, the frontier guards seemed ______ with our presence.
a. unconcerned b. uninterested c. unconscious d. uncritical
She studies many magazines and books about fashion, entertaining and correct social behavior as she wants to appear _______.
a. sophisticated b. fashionable c. elegant d. polished
In a new culture, many embarrassing situations occur ______ a misunderstanding.
a. despite b. account of c. because of d. result in
Unfortunately, not all candidates can be offered a job; some have to be _____.
a. required b. rejected c, remained d. resigned
It`s amazing that I had met my favorite singer once by _______.
A. preparation B. chance C. time D. case
She has been out of ______ for months, now she`s looking for a new job.
A. order B. work C. way D. date
Attempts are being made to _____ the problem of waste disposal.
A. reserve B. deal C. decide D. solve
Up to now they have not made a _____ whether they will go or not.
a. decide b. decision c. decisive d. decidedly
I _______ think that we should do something immediately to change the situation that we are in.
a. person b. personal c. personally d. personality
II. Prepositions and Phrasal verbs
Give the correct preposition.
We need a decision _____ this project by next week.
There was an enthusiastic response _____ my suggestions.
A large number of India men agreed that it was unwise to confide _____ their wives.
She sacrificed her career _____her children.
If you put your trust _____ me, I will not let you down.
In Vietnam, two, three or even four generations live _____ one roof.
They accused him ______ taking bribes.
He wants to congratulate you _____ your election as Chairman of the company.
I feel so annoyed because I can`t get rid _____ those unexpected visitors.
While cooking the dinner, I realize that we ran out ______ oil.
III. Structures
Choose the best answers.
This large goat _____ in the mountains of Switzerland.
a. only lives b. is only living c. has only lived d. only lived
Charles is a gifted footballer, but up to now he _____ well in the international matches.
a. doesn`t play b. didn`t play c. hasn`t played d, wasn`t playing
The committee ____ four times last week, but still no decision has been reached.
a. met b. has met c. used to meet d. would meet
______ to the opera when you lived in Milan?
a. Have you ever been b. Were you ever going
c. Did you ever go d, Had you ever been
I _____ one of my special desserts for dinner, if you like.
a, make b. am making c. am going to make d. will make
Before I went to university, I _____ as a carpenter for about five years.
a. worked b. used to work c. have worked d. had worked
I ____ a lot of interesting people while I _____in Norway.
a. met - worked b. was meeting - was working
c. met - was working d. was meeting - worked
When I saw the house on the hill, I knew it was exactly what I _____.
a. looked for b. was looking for
c. have looked for d. had been looking for
She said she met you once at the Parade last week. _____ since?
a. Have you met her b. Had you met her
c. Did you meet her d. Were you met her
Several years after they _____ up they met again by chance in Paris.
a. have split b. had split c. were split d. had been splitting
Dr Jones _____ the same talk in room 103 at 10.00 next Thursday.
a. gives b. is to give c. will be giving d. will have given
They ______ the job by this time tomorrow.
a. will finish b. will be finishing
c. will have finished d. are finishing
Gold, as well as silver, _____ in price.
a. have risen b. rise c. has risen d. are rising
The majority of books _____ today do not reach a wide audience.
a. published b. publishing c. to be published d. have published
We _____ for an hour when the bus fin

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