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Pick out the word that has different stress from that of the other words:
1. A. household B. daughter C. children D. behave
2. A. reserve B. crowded C. support D. secure
3. A. solution B. mischievous C. family D. leftovers
4. A. supportive B. decision C. motorbike D. however
5. A. obedient B. generally C. responsible D. biologist
6. A. reject B. idea C. finding D. conduct
7. A. demand B. value C. income D. record
8. A. counterpart B. attraction C. partnership D. grocery
9. A. priority B. diversity C. variety D. generation
10. A. precede B. altar C. confide D. oblige
Pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words:
11. A. roughs B. ploughs C. coughs D. laughs
12. A. bats B. speaks C. deaths D. nurses
13. A. names B. dates C. photographs D. jokes
14. A. child B. chair C. chef D. chores
15. A. family B. father C. market D. party
16. A. walked B. jumped C. missed D. started
17. A. obliged B. knocked C. believed D. determined
18. A. concerned B. rejected C. confided D. conducted
19. A. diverse B. response C. unwise D. nurse
20. A. confide B. approve C. compare D. conduct
21. We are a very ……… family. We all have very close relationship with one another.
A. strange B. typical C. close-knit D. friendly
22. My Dad is always willing to give a hand …… cleaning the house.
A. with B. of C. about D. in
23. I am always under …….. and it is affecting my health.
A. work B. pressure C. study D. relax
24. Peter is a ……. boy. He usually plays tricks on the others.
A. caring B. helpful C. generous D. mischievous
25. During the hard time of life, my mother used to save good food for us and she used to eat ……….. .
A. the leftovers B. the over left C. the left D. the leaving
26. My parents don’t put pressure on me to make ………. about what to study at university.
A. a choice B. a reply C. a decision D. a determination
27. She works …… a secretary for a big company.
A. like B. as C. similar D. unlike
28. In my family, my mother is the one who always does the household ………. .
A. chores B. waste B. chorus D. appliance
29. Her main ………. in the family is to wash the dishes.
A. responsible B. response C. responsibly D. responsibility
30. These children often share their ……. secrets with their mother.
A. person B. personal C. personable D. personally
31. The house looks so nice. Its owner must have a …nature.
A. romance B. romanticised C. romantic D. romantically
32. Physical …sometimes blinds us.
A. attract B. attractiveness C. attractive D. attractively
33. People of the same …easily live and work with one another.
A. generation B. sex C. size D. organization
34. I am very …in the information you have given me.
A. concerned B. surprised C. interesting D. interested
35. Thanks for bringing us a present. It was very …of you.
A. adorable B. grateful C. thoughtful D. careful
36. A good partner is the one in whom you can … .
A. share B. live C. confide D. love
37. As a family rule, we are …to ask our parents for permission to do anything.
A. obliged B. ought C. asked D. able
38. In Vietnam, we never give glasses to a bride and a …on their wedding because
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