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Người gửi: Ngô Dung
Ngày gửi: 09h:28' 16-11-2017
Dung lượng: 37.0 KB
Số lượt tải: 1686
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1. My sister graduated_______a famous university.
A. to B. with C. from D. about
2. He is a______pianist. He has won the gold medal in an international contest.
A. talent B. talented C. terrible D. bad
3. Joe is very_________about music.
A. popular B. famous C. passionate D. interested
4. He looks like a different person__________stage.
A. above B. to C. with D. on
5. He made his______as a teen singer in 2015.
A. contest B. fan C. debut D. home
6. The life story of a person written by someone else is called________.
A. biology B. biography C. talent D. superstar
7. Everyone feels enthusiastic during his________.
A. perform B. performer C. performance D. performed
8. He has become more and more well-known.
A. famous B. unsuccessful C. shy D. passionate
9. The band`s latest album will be________next week.
A. become B. won C. written D. released
10. Beethoven, Schumann and Chopin were leading Romantic _______.
A. singer B. actor C. composer D. audience
11. The________clapped and cheered when she began to sing.
A. performance B. phenomenon C. audience D. melody
12. After a long time of pursuing his career as a pianist, she was finally___________. She won two Grammys.
A. successful B. unsuccessful C. shy D. modest
13. Justin Bieber is a______. Everyone adores his voice.
A. career B.debut C. judge D. phenomenon
14. She loves to read about the lives of__________________.
A. celebrities B. albums C.songs D. performances
15. The contestants receiving the fewest viewers’ votes are________________from the contest.
A. graduated B. eliminated C. originated D. reversed
16. Quan Ho singing___________in Bac Ninh Province.
A. recognised B. reversed C. originated D. consisted
17. Guitars, flutes, organs, drums are called musical_____________.
A. instruments B. festivals C. composers D. singers
18. Taylor Swift is_________as the most successful country music composer and singer of modern time.
A. replied B. received C. originated D. recognised
19. Tien Quan Ca is the national___________of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
A. composer B. singer C. anthem D. instrument
20. Quan Ho is a____________kind of music. It has existed since 13th century.
A. modern B. rock C. traditional D. new
21. The judge__________appreciated her performance but the audience didn’t like it very much.
A. channel B. canal C. concert D. panel
22. How long? by Charlie Puth is a___________hit.
A. smart B. smell C. smash D. smoke
23. I love this song because of its fast and joyful________.
A. audience B. judge C. celebrity D. melody
24. I wanted to perform this song in front of my friends but I didn’t remember its_______.
A. instruments B. tradition C. singer D. lyrics
25. Almost everyone in the world listens to his music. He is a_________star.
A. local B. national C. global D. city
26. This composer always look happy________his songs sound sad.
A. but B. because C. so D. therefore
27. During his composing_________, he came up
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