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Rewrite (thành ngữ) HSG 9 - Luyện TP

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Người gửi: Nguyễn Huy Thịnh
Ngày gửi: 21h:07' 31-12-2013
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I don’t think the television’s likely to blow up at any minute. likehood
This car only cost me five hundred pounds. picked
Someone paid five thousands pounds for the painting. went
We have made neither a profit nor a loss this year.even
In 1967 programs began to be transmitted in colours.advent
I find Harold’s behavior quite incomprehensible.loss
The severity of the punishment bore no relation to the seriousness of the crime.proportion
I’m afraid our problems are just beginning.iceberg
In the area, Thailand is much better than all other countries in football.shoulders
Thomas was not given details of the company’s new project.Dark
I was too scare to tell him what I really thought. lacked
The police ended the fighting between the two gangs by arresting the leaders.stop
travelling alone is not just a matter of taking a good guidebook with you.more
The way he took everything she did for granted really annoyed her . ( BACK )
She was so anxious while the results were read out. ( BREATH )
The house shouldn’t be left unlocked for any reason . ( ACCOUNT )
A huge investment has been put into the field of solar-electricity.( INVEST )
Alice was not a confident person, and that was why she was so shy. ( DUE )
When I started work, I was so inexperienced that I couldn’t send a fax. CLUE
What you have been saying is quite irrelevant. BEDISE
Please stop criticizing everybody! DOWN
We don’t expect that the missing climbers have survived. HOLD
Helen’s report is rather unclear in places. LACKING
Everybody in the audience stood to applaud the actor’s performance. STANDING
Taxpayers had to pay the cost of the privatization plan. FOOT
The fact that he will never race again is something he cannot accept. TERMS
A government official leaked the story to the world press. WIND
Building societies will have to guard against their rivals. LAURELS
He is becoming quite famous as an interviewer. NAME
He makes sure that he isn`t associated with policies he disagrees with. DISTANCES
I really don`t know what you`re talking about. FAINTEST
I feel I am not being treated fairly. RAW
Someone paid five thousand pounds for the painting. WENT
You can walk to the station easily from the hotel. DISTANCE
Pauline isn’t one of the people who know the secret. ON
We don’t expect that the missing climbers have survived. HOLD
You must accept the fact that she has left you. TERMS
He was not given details of the company’s new plans. DARK
Stop criticizing everybody! (Down)
Terry has just insured her life. (out)
In the end it was discovered that Joe was the thief. (OUT)
I need a calculator to arrive at the total. (OUT)
I met your friend David the other day. (INTO)
I think you’ve been overcharged, old son! (OFF)
I think we should increase the pressure on her to resign. (UP)
I won’t allow swearing in my classroom (FOR)
The company was bought up by a large multinational. (OVER)
Your story is different from the facts. (WITH)
She feels uncomfortable when people tell her how beautiful she is EMBARRASSES
Don’t you remember anything about your lifetime in London as a child? (RECOLLECTION)
Any correspondence from the Canberra office must be dealt with before other matters.(PRIORITY).
I advise you not to believe what you read in the papers about me. (RELIANCE).
“I don’t mind where the money goes as long as the people are the real beneficiaries”.(MATTER)
Critics are hoping the new director can bring some postive changes into the French film industry. breath
The terrorists attack on the Capital Trade Center was very much like the 11-9 attack on the WTO building. carbon.
It is very difficult to give the exact value of a table like this, but it’s probably worth about $5000. figure
Five boys on a motorbike at the speed of 60mph is very likely to end up in hospital. receipe
Detectives had stopped working on the Hornsey murders case three years previously. book
He is very good at cooking spaghetti. dab
We all want to make him realise that he is not as important as he thinks. size
He really disappointed me when breaking the promise to help me out. teeth
He died, having nothing of his own. name
Have a look at this picture. It may help you to remember something. jog
Motorists are jamming the streets as they slow down to see the wall paintings. hold ups
He is becoming quite famous as an interviewer. name
Social scientists find it hard to accept that the fall in the birth rate is responsble for the old age of our society. resistance
Every possible effort was made by the orphanage to find the boy’s parents. stone
The minister gave no precise figures about the casualities. go into
The new musical has delighted theatre audiences throughout the country. storm
They’ve been
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