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Mình có đủ tài liệu Word liên quan đến chường trình sách thí điểm (khối 6->9), chứ không phải PDF.
Liên hệ:

A.PHONETICS Underline the content words that are stressed in following sentences. Practise reading the sentences aloud

This tour takes you to the outskirts of Hue
During their stay in Hanoi, most tourists insist on a trip to Van Phuc Silk Village.
Banh chung of Tranh Khuc Village is famous for its distinctive flavour.
Cao Thon craft village in Hung Yen is among the largest incense-making villages in Viet Nam.
Nhat Tan peach flowers have become a brand of Ha Noi
Pomelos from Phu Dien Village in Ha Noi is the most famous for its special taste.
For Hmong women, traditional clothing consists of an outer garment with a colorful and decorative collar.
Not only domestically famous, products of the village have been in many countries around the world.
I- Fill in each blank with the correct form of the verbs from the box
cover make cast carve

knit draw embroider mould

Every region has a different quality of clay, varnish color, ______________ and burning technique in pottery making.
Recently, Southeast Asia’s largest bronze statue of the Buddha erected in Bai Dinh pagoda was _______________ by artisans from Van Diem bronze village.
________________ cocoon silk was one of the women’s chores 3000 years ago.
At the beginning of the 20th century, Vietnamese artists used lacquering techniques to draw and _______________ pictures for decorations.
In the early 20th century, most houses, beds, and household were ___________ from bamboo and rattan.
With only needles and colorful rolls of thread, craftswomen _______________ silk pictures, ussualy of natural wonders such as birds, plants, or landscapes.
Conical hats are ____________ by using young palm leaves along a circular bamboo frame.
In Dong Ho Village (Bac Ninh) or Sinh Village (Hue), the painter who __________ the folk picture is a craft village farmer.
II- Match some famous Dong Ho paintings with their themes. Write the answer in each blank.

_________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________
The Hen and Her Chicks
The Trung Sisters

Thuy Kieu

Master Toad
The Rat’s wedding
Jealousy ( showing a husband and his second wife threatened by his first wife)
moral sayings
laughing at the ceremonious and complicated rites of the elite of the time
an image of prosperity
A humorous attack against polygamy
.making fun of the scholars who recited sentences all days that they had learned by heart

III-Match the most well-known traditional craft villages in Viet Nam with their descriptions. Write the answer in each blank.
Tan Chau Village, An Giang Province
Tranh Khuc Village, Ha Noi
Bat Trang Village, Ha noi
Vong Village, Ha Noi
Van Phuc Village, Ha Noi
Dong Ho Village, Bac Ninh Province
Dinh Yen Village, Dong Thap Province
Quat Dong Village, Ha Noi
Chuong Village, Ha Noi
Yen Thai Village (also Buoi Village), Ha Noi

There are many embroidery villages in Vietnam, but this village in Thuong Tin District has the highest quality embroidery products.
___________________________________________________________________Sistuated on the bank of Nhue River, about 10km southwest of Ha Noi Old Quarter, the village is famous for its traditional weaving and premium quality silk products
___________________________________________________________________The province which is the home of endless rice fields and stunning lotus ponds is the place where a handicraft village is located that is famous for its woven sedge mats.
___________________________________________________________________The 500-year-old ceramic making village is located about 10km away from Ha Noi to the right sight of the Red River. There you can find beautiful ceramics and the makers.
___________________________________________________________________ From 15th century, it was well-known in ancient Thang Long Citadel for making various kinds of paper especially poonah-paper, often used by the royals and kings.
___________________________________________________________________It has been famous for a type of folklore painting. These paintings have been crafted since the 16th century and were traditionally hung during Tet Festival.
___________________________________________________________________Located in Thanh Oai District, this village is well-known for its special product – conical hats made of palm leaf.
___________________________________________________________________Its black silk is highly valued and widely appreciated for its special softness, durability. Clothes made from its silk bring those who wear it comfort since it is cool in hot weather and warm in the cold.
___________________________________________________________________Green sticky rice is delicacy that is made only in autumn and loved by all Vietnamese
___________________________________________________________________It is famous for making “banh chung”, a typical square, sticky rice cake for the Lunar New Year in Viet Nam. The cake produced here is famous for its distinctive flavor.

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