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Người gửi: Lê Vũ Khả Tú
Ngày gửi: 22h:23' 06-10-2014
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Students name: ……………………………

Date: 18-10-2012

I. Put the verbs in the right form.
Dan enjoys __________ (read) science fiction.
Cheryl suggested __________ (see) a movie after work.
I miss __________ (work) in the travel industry. Maybe I can get my old job back.
Where did you learn __________ (speak) Spanish? Was it in Spain or in Latin America?
Do you mind __________ (help) me translate this letter?
He asked __________ (talk) to the store manager.
You’ve never mentioned __________ (live) in Japan before. How long did you live there?
If he keeps __________ (come) to work late, he’s going to get fired!
Debbie plans __________ (study) abroad next year.
I agreed __________ (help) Jack wash his car.
I hope __________ (graduate) from college next June.
The models practiced __________ (walk) with a book balanced on their heads.
Mandy has promised __________ (take) care of our dog while we are on vacation.
I don’t know what she wants __________ (do) tonight. Why don’t you ask her?
Frank offered __________ (help) us paint the house.
Sandra decided __________ (study) economics in London.
Stephanie dislikes __________ (work) in front of a computer all day.
Mrs. Naidoo appears __________ (be) the most qualified person for the job.
Eliza recommended __________ (eat) in a dim sum restaurant while we’re in Hong Kong.
I demand __________ (talk) to the manager of the hotel immediately.
My grandmother recalled __________ (see) a plane for the very first time when she was six.
She claims __________ (be) related to George Washington, but I don’t believe her.
This broken bicycle needs __________ (fix) before someone can ride it.
I can’t understand __________ (drive)such a big car when gas prices are so high.
She refused __________ (speak) to me after our fight.
Don’t hesitate __________ (ask) for help if you don’t understand the directions.
She managed __________ (communicate) with them, even though she didn’t speak their language.
She pretended __________ (be) a student in order to get a student discount.
She waited __________ (see) what would happen next.
The child denied __________ (steal) the piece of candy.
We fully intend __________ (pay) you for all the work you have done for us.
You seem __________ (be) a little distracted. Is everything alright?
She refused __________ (admit) that she had made a mistake.
After his accident last year, he would never consider __________ (buy) another motorcycle.
Margaret just happened __________ (find) the lost car keys while she was looking for something else.
He never admitted __________ (have) the wild party while his parents were out of town.
Jackie tends ______ (arrive) late on Mondays, but our boss doesn’t seem to care about that very much.
She imagined __________ (lie) on a tropical beach under a palm tree.
We don’t anticipate __________ (have) any more technical problems during the concert tour.
Debbie failed __________ (notice) her credit card lying on the ground.
The politician swore __________ (serve) the people honestly and with pride, but the scandal revealed that the promise was little more than a lie.
The medical team deserves __________ (receive) the award for their volunteer work in sub-Saharan Africa.
I really appreciate your__________ (help) me last week.
She delayed __________ (submit) her application until just one week before the deadline.
Everybody arranged __________ (meet) at the train station 30 minutes before the train departed.
Simona resisted __________ (speak) Italian during her English training program in London. She wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to improve her English.
Do you care __________ (join) us later for dinner? We are meeting at Tony’s Italian Restaurant downtown.
We waited __________ (see) what would happen next, but nothing happened.
They expected __________ (arrive) much earlier, but their plane was delayed in Paris.
Michael postponed __________ (clean) the bathroom as long as possible. He hates cleaning!
Bill agreed __________ (meet) us at the restaurant at 8:30, but he never showed up.
Jennifer practiced __________ (pronounce) the word until she sounded just like a native speaker.
Our art teacher encouraged __________ (experiment) with different colors.
Dana hopes __________ (save) enough money to travel around Europe for three months. It’s her dream.
__________ (dance) is her life. That is why Susan moved to New York to study dancing professionally.
Constance plans __________ (take) part in the marathon next spring.
I can’t help __________ (wonder)
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