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I. Listening (2pts)
1. Listen and write the missing words. (1 pt)
a. Some ……….have problems with pollution, crime, or bad weather.
b. Before going to the …………., she has to take her children to school.
c. In the evening the……………… even worse.
d. Now so many people have a car, and there aren’t enough………… in the city.

2.Listen to the what these students say and decide if the statements are True(T)or False(F).(1pt)
Tra is interested in history

Nam likes making things with his hands

Nam’s family owns a workshop in Bat Trang

The trees in the garden only come from provinces of Viet Nam.

II. Choose the best answer to complete the sentence or do the task as directed:(2,5pts)
1. Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined.
A. artisan B. cast C. craft D. oceania
2.    When I turned up, the town hall was already_______ of teenagers.
A. full     B. packed     C. crowded     D. jammed
3.    She turned_______ the new job in New York because she didn`t want to move.
A. on     B. down     C. off     D. up
4.    This city has one of the most_______ underground rail networks in the world.
A. efficient B. fashionable C. cosmopolitan D. fascinated
5.    This laptop is much more user-friendly, but it costs_______ the other one.
A. so much as     B. as many as     C. twice as much as D. twice as many
6.    Lots of people choose to buy houses in the suburbs_________ they can avoid the noise and pollution in the city.
A. although     B. when     C. so that     D. so as
7. Nam is ________the most successful student in my class.
A. so long     B. by how     C. by far     D. so now
8.    My grandfather is the____ oldest artisan in the village.
A. first     B. second     C. most     D. one
9. ________I was talking to my teacher, my friends were waiting outside the classroom.
A. In order that     B. While     C. Although     D. So that
10. Mary couldn`t decide________ to work with on the project.
A. who     B. what     C. how     D. when

III. Write the correct form of verbs or words ( 1pt ) :
1. Scientists are seeking the best ways to deal with the________________ impact of pollution.(ENVIRONMENT)
2. It`s __________ in America to eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day. (TRADITION)
3. Peter has a lot of woolen__________ to wear in winter. (SCARF)
4. The hand-woven textiles were made by skilled local__________. (ART)
A.Fill in the blank with ONE correct word from the list (1pt) :
from covered culture conical in
When you come to the countryside of Vietnam, especially in Hue, you can see a lot of beautiful girls with a palm leaf (1)__________ hat on. The conical leaf hat is said the symbol of the Vietnamese (2)__________.The hat is made (3)__________ a special kind of bamboo and young and soft palm leaves. The ribs are shaped into a conical form. The diametre of the hat is usually about between forty and fifty-five centimetres; and it is about twenty-five or thirty centimetres high. The ribs are covered with palm leaves which are tightly stitched onto the bamboo frame. Finally, the hat is usually (4)__________ with a coat of furniture - polish oil.
B. Read the passage and complete the sentences below. Do not use more than 3 words for each blank.(1pt)
Venice is a beautiful city in northeastern Italy. It is called "The Floating City" as it is built on 117 small islands. This city has no roads. Instead, people use boats to travel along the canals. Flat-bottomed boats were once the main means of transport, but today motor boats are more popular. In Venice, you can visit the famous Piazza San Marco with its world famous basilica, the lovely bridges over the narrow canals, and some of the best museums in Western Europe.
Los Angeles is the most populous city in California, and the second most populous city in the USA. It is a global city, a centre of business, international trade, entertainment
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