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Người gửi: Đỗ Văn Bình (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 09h:25' 17-09-2017
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Exercise 1: In the following sentences, supply the suitable preposition to each of the gaps.
1. We give each other presents___________ Christmas.
2. Don’t sit___________ the floor.
3. I’m going away___________ the end of January.
4. I met Tom___________ the street yesterday.
5. They sent me a cheque___________ $ 50.
6. There has been some decrease___________ military spending this year.
7. Nobody knows what the cause___________ the explosion was.
8. Do you think we’ll find a solution___________ this problem?
9. Have you ever read any books___________ Mark Twain?
10. It’s unreasonable___________ you to expect her to love you at first sight.
11. They were furious___________ me___________ not inviting them to the party.
12. Were you disappointed___________ your examination results?
13. Everybody was shocked___________ the news.
14. She is scared___________ going out alone.
15. I’m not ashamed___________ what I did.

Exercise 2: In the following sentences, supply the suitable preposition to each of the gaps.
1. My sister won’t have dinner___________ 11.30 p.m.
2. She is engaged___________ an American.
3. Who was responsible___________ all the noise last night?
4. Your writing is similar___________ mine.
5. Ann wasn’t keen___________ going out in the rain.
6. The city centre was crowded___________ tourists.
7. I always try my best to get along___________ other officers.
8. Why don’t you apply___________ a position in that company?
9. He is very selfish. He doesn’t care___________ other people.
10. Don’t look out of the window. Concentrate___________ your work!
11. He lost control of the car and crashed___________ a wall.
12. He was the sort of person that you could depend___________.
13. Did you hear___________ the fight in the club on Saturday night?
14. She’s very old. She needs someone to look___________ her.
15. He often dreams___________ travelling to America.

Exercise 3: In the following sentences, supply the suitable preposition to each of the gaps.
1. I didn’t have enough money to pay___________ the meal.
2. He has suffered___________ lung cancer for ages.
3. He shouted___________ from the other side of the street.
4. The police are searching___________ the escaped prisoner.
5. That’s a good idea. Why didn’t I think___________ that?
6. How much did you have to pay___________ the meal?
7. Do you always go___________ school____________ foot?
8. My office is next___________ newsagent so I buy magazines almost every day.
9. Children don’t want to be__________ door, they want to stay in to watch T.V.
10. ___________ no doubt, whales are the biggest mammal on Earth.
11. The firefighters have been____________ strike for more than three days.
12. When I saw him, I was___________ a group of friends___________ the corner of the club.
13. I have got an appointment___________ the optician’s.
14. In the end, they fell____________ love and lived happily ever after.
15. During the show, a crazy fan jumped_____________ the stage and kissed the singer.

Exercise 4: Choose the best answer among the A, B, C, or D provided to finish each of the incomplete sentences below.
1. Many people are not interested____________ reading books as much as seeing films.
A. in B. with C. for D. about
2. We spend more time watching TV than reading books. But__________ fact. TV has not kill reading.
A. for B. upon C. at D. in
3. Books are a wonderful source ____________ knowledge and pleasure.
A. with B. of C. in D. about
4. Although he hadn`t spoken French for many years, he picked it________ again after a few weeks.
A. over B. on C. through D. up
5. ____________ the start of each period, both teams line up on their own goal line.
A. In B. For C. From D. At
6. Helen is very excited___________ going to work in Germany.
A. about                    B. for                    C. with                       D. to
7. A water polo ball is constructed of waterproof material to allow it to float_______ the water.
A. upon B. over C. above D. on
8. There are six field player positions and a goalkeeper____________ each team.
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