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Question 8: ...promised TO BUY somebody something.
Question 46: EXHAUSTING [= tiring] is an adjective, modifying the noun 'RESEARCH'.
  For Reference:
  PROMISE (verb), to tell someone that you will certainly do something:
   [+ to infinitive] He promised faithfully to call me every week.
   [+ that] The government have promised that they'll reduce taxes.
   [+ (that)] Promise me (that) you won't tell him.
   - I'll have a look for some while I'm at the shops but I'm not promising anything.
   - Can I have that book back when you've finished because I've promised it  (= I have said I will give it)  to Sara.
   [+ two objects] Her parents promised her a new car if she passed her exams.
   -  I've promised myself a long bath when I get through all this work.
   [+ speech] "I'll come round and see you every day," she promised.
   - "I won't do anything dangerous." "You promise?" "I promise."
   - "I won't have time to take you shopping this afternoon." "But you promised!"

     [From Cambridge Dictionary 2014]
  PROMISE /prɒməs, prɒmɪs/ (verb)
   1.  intransitive and transitive] to tell someone that you will definitely do or provide something or that something will happen : 
  - Last night the headmaster promised a full investigation.
  * promise to do something
   - She’s promised to do all she can to help.
  * promise (that)
  - Hurry up – we promised we wouldn’t be late.
  * promise somebody (that)
  - You promised me the car would be ready on Monday.
  - ‘Promise me you won’t do anything stupid.’ ‘I promise.’
  * promise something to somebody
  - I’ve promised that book to Ian, I’m afraid.
  * promise somebody something
  - The company promised us a bonus this year.
  - 'I’ll be back by 1.00.' 'Promise?' 'Yes! Don’t worry.'
  - He reappeared two hours later,  as promised.
  2. [transitive] to show signs of something
  * promise to be something
  - Tonight’s meeting promises to be a difficult one.
  - dark clouds promising showers later
  3. promise somebody the moon/the earth = to promise to give someone something that is impossible for you to give
  4. I can’t promise (anything) [spoken] used to tell someone that you will try to do what they want, but may not be able to: 
  - I’ll try my best to get tickets, but I can’t promise anything.
  5. I promise you [spoken] used to emphasize a promise, warning, or statement: 
   - I promise you, it does work!
  [From Longman Dictionary, 2015]
  EXHAUSTING /ɪɡ'zɔstɪŋ/ (adjective) = making you feel extremely tired: 
 - I've had an exhausting day.
 - an exhausting process
 [Longman Dictioanry, 2015]
'exhausting' can be collocated with these:
 *With verbs: be - become - find sth
 * With adverb : extremely,  fairly,  very, etc.& utterly - emotionally,  mentally, physically
  - a really ~ day
[Oxford Collocations Dictionary, 2nd ed.]


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