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TH unit 6 TA 11 (Sách cũ).

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Ngày gửi: 22h:10' 07-10-2018
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Choose the word that has main stress placed differently from the others.
a. contest b. sponsor c. observe d. complete
a. stimulate b. competition c. disappointed d. opportunity
a. recite b. organize c. apologize d. participate
a. knowledge b. maximum c. athletics d. marathon
a. encourage b. compete c. award d. represent
Choose the word or phrase -a, b, c, or d - that best completes the sentence or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase.
He apologized _______ not being able to complete the poem.
a. in b. on c. of d. for
Time was _______, and the judges announced the results.
a. out b. up c. off d. down
He`s been teaching music for years, but he hasn`t any _______.
a. examinations b. experiences c. experience d. qualifications
Most students find English Competitions _______.
a. enjoying b. enjoyment c. enjoyed d. do enjoyable
I am pleased to _______ the winner of the final competition. It`s Group B.
a. recite b. announce c. explain d. appoint
After convincing myself that the result didn`t matter, I felt oddly _______ when we lost.
a. encouraged b. stimulated c. disadvantaged d. disappointed
With three teams finishing on 40 points, there was no outright _______.
a. win b. winning c. winner d. winnings
For work to flow _______, proper preparations must be made.
a. smoothly b. freely c. constantly d. naturally
The contestants are eliminated one by one until the last _______ in a head-to-head contest.
a. sponsor b. support c. compete d. enter
The winner of the contest was given a(n) _______ for her excellent performance.
a. bonus b. reward c. fine d. award
Choose the word or-phrase -a, b, c, or d - that best completes thesentence.
My teachers always encourage _______ hard at school.
a. to work b. us to work c. working d. that we work
Six months after the accident, he still has difficulty _______.
a. to walk b. walking c. walked d. to walking
I really hate _______ away from home so much.
a. you have to be b. you having to be
c. your have to be d. your having to be
Staff say that the new computer system _______ to greater levels of stress in their work.
a. led b. would lead c. has led d. had led
He apologized _______ able to finish the project on time.
a. his colleagues not being b. his colleagues for not being
c. his colleagues not to be d. to his colleagues for not being
It`s a pity we didn`t visit Tom when we had the chance. I_______ himbefore he left the country.
a. would like to see b. should like to see
c. would like having seen d. would like to have seen
His doctor suggested that he _______ a short leave of absence.
a. will take b. take c.would take d. took
It is no use_______ to school if you _______ to work hard.
a. going - do not ready b. to go - do not ready
c. going - are not ready d. go - are not ready
Mary`s father approved of _______ in the United States for anotheryear in order to work toward her M.A.
a. her to stay b. she to say c. she staying d. her staying
Nowadays, young men with a technical education _______ because of the great demand for highly skilled workmen.
a. is well paid b. shouldpay well c. are well paidd. could pay well
Identify the one underlined word or phrase A, B, C or D - that must be changed for the sentence to be correct.
Richard saidthe play was very entertaining and he recommendedto see it.
A BCD(seeing)
Some of my friends have considered not going to college because the cost.
A B C D (because of)
It is difficult to imaginehim accepting the decision without anyobjection
AB(his accepting)CD
The highway patrol advises to take the old route through the citybecause the
A (taking
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