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Ngày gửi: 19h:41' 04-11-2018
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Exercise 1. Choose one word or phrase marked A, B, C, or D that best complete the preceding sentence.
1. I remembered____________ up in that house with my brothers and sisters. /  A. to grow                        B. to growing                  C. grow       D. growing
2. They are going to______________ the pool to 1.8 meter.
A. deep B. depth C. deepen D. deeply
3. Is it possible for us to____________ to the cinema without him?
A. reach B. come C. arrive D. go
4. I want you to____________ your best clothes tonight for the party.
A. wore B. dress C. put on D. hung up.
5. She encouraged______________ the job.
A. to take the job B. that Frank should take C. Frank to take D. to Frank to take
6. I____________ you can swim so well and I can’t.
A. hate B. hate it that C. hate that D. hate it
7. Michael made me____________ him next week.
A. to promise to call B. to promise calling C. promise to call D. promise calling
8. We watched the cat____________ the tree.
A. climbed B. climb C. had climbed D. was climbing
9. I wish you____________ stop interrupting me whenever I speak
A. will B. would C. did D. might
10. I expect____________ a postcard from my father in England today.
A. being received B. to receive C. receiving D. to be receiving
11. The child was told to____________ for being rude to his uncle.
A. excuse B. apologize C. forgive D. confess
12. If you want your son to do better on his exams, I suggest he____________ harder.
A. will study B. studies C. will study D. study
13. I am looking for a friendly young person to help______ my elderly brother while I go out to work during the day. A. take after B. give care of C. put up with D. look after
14. ____________ the class size is our school’s immediate aim.
A. Reduced B. Reduces C. Reducing D. Reduce
15. The plants need_____________ before noon.
A. watering B. to water C. be watered D. being watered
16. The school required that every student _____________before September 1st.
A register B. registered C. registers D. was registered
17. She resented_____________ waiting for hours in front of the cinema.
A. to be kept B. keeping C. being kept D. being keeping
18. The government has tried to ____________the price of petrol, but they failed.
A. bring on B. put in C. bring down D. get over
19. I`m __________quite hungry now, aren`t you?
A. getting B. becaming C. turning D. growing
20. Our learning and teaching equipment needs __________ if further improvement is to be achieved.
A. modernized B. to modernize C. modernizing D. modernize

Exercise 2. Choose one word or phrase marked A, B, C, or D that best complete the preceding sentence.
1. I don’t like____________ when I am not there.
A. criticizing B. being criticized C. to criticize D. to be criticized
2. Would you mind_____________ me a hand?
A. give B. gave C. to give D. giving
3. _____________ is a sport in which you move along the surface of the sea or a lake on a long narrow board with a sail on it.
A. Water polo B. Diving C. Windsurfing D. Scuba diving
4. Sometimes I do not feel like______________ to my sibling about my troubles.
A. talk B. to talk C. talking D. talked
5. Their children very much enjoy____________ cartoons.
A. watch B. watching C. watched D. to watch
6. I regret
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